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Case-4: Recently Originated Skin Disease By Tenia Corporis Treated Rapidly With Homeopathy

Fifty seven years old patient named Mrs.K.F (Patient Identification Number: 28527) visited Chembur clinic on 20th of April 2016 with her husband for complain of Tenia corporis.
Patient had complains of tenia corporis since last two to three months. The patches were mainly located on her buttocks, knees, fore arm and under the breast. It was increasing day by day. She had sever itching and redness. There was no scaling present. Eruptions were maculo-papular type. Itching used to be very severe at night. She was taking allopathic treatment and also applying allopathic ointments on and off but nothing gave her relief. She was very depressed with her complaint.

She was flabby fair and obese by constitution. She was vegetarian in diet. She loved to eat sweets. Her thirst was average. Perspiration was not present in her generals. She used to perspire with great difficulty. Her urine and stools were perfectly fine and she did not have any complaints with them. She had reached menopausal period before 6 years. There was no menses now present. 

She was housewife. Her husband had business of cloth materials. She had two children. Son was manager in ICICI bank and her daughter was already married. 

Her life was very unhappy during childhood days. Her parents had financial problems so her childhood was very struggleful.  She remained stressed during her childhood. But once she got married, she started enjoying life. She was very mild, gentle and affectionate kind of person. She also used to take stress very easily and can get worried easily. She had major stress of his brother as he was suffering from cancer. She had reserved kind of nature. She used to even suppress her anger. 

She had past illness of tonsillectomy and cholecystectomy. Her father suffered from diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis. Her mother had Kidney disease. His brother was suffering from cancer.

With all these case details, her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed some medicines.

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On 30th May 2016, patient reported that her complaints were around ten percent better. She was feeling overall difference of ten percent. Itching was still the same. The disease has almost stopped spreading now. On basis of all this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed her further medicines.

On 15th July 2016, patient visited and informed that she was almost fifty percent better in her complaints. Her itching was completely gone in two months of treatment. There was no itching at all present. Now only hyperpigmentated patches were present. No active lesions see. Patches on her buttocks, knees, forearm and breast were fifty to sixty percent better. She developed some acute complaint of cough since five days. Overall she was very much better. 

On 22nd August 2016, patient visited and informed that she was almost ninety percent better. All her complaints were totally gone. There was no itching and redness present. There were no active lesions present. Her old patches were completely healed. Now only hyperpigmentation was left. Her cough was also better. She developed new complaint of disturb sleep since few days for which also she started treatment. As she got ninety percent better in her complaint of tenia, it created confident in her to continue homeopathy for other complaints too.

Patient was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. She was very thankful to Dr. Shah and the life force team who has helped her for her problem. She is still continuing with our treatment to get permanently cured with her skin complaint.

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(Case study done by Dr .K.R.B)

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