A Senior KG Student Could Get Result in Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

A 7 years old girl Miss A.A. (patient identification number 25293) resident of Rajasthan started treatment with Life Force for her juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis .

For two years she was suffering from swelling of the right knee with severe pain and morning stiffness because of which she used to limp while walking.
As she was LSCS child, her milestones were too delayed. She started talking after 2.5 years. She had Uveitis since birth for which she was under cortisone because of which she had developed bilateral cataract which was operated in Jan 2015.

When she visited the clinic her speech was slurred, and not completely clear. She had a history of Asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis which got cured with Allopathic treatment. At the time of her visit, she was under treatment of Tab. Omnacortil 10 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening.
Her uncle also had a history of Asthma.

She was pure vegetarian by diet and her appetite was average. She had a strong liking for salty things. She was an average built with a dark complexion. She had a tendency to perspire average and on forehead mostly.

She was sensitive to extremes of both the climates. Her bowels were normal and she had sound sleep.

She was studying in senior KG. Her father was a businessman of marble stone and her mother was a homemaker.

Throughout the childhood, she was well supported but she was obstinate. She used to cry till her wishes were not fulfilled. Intellectually she was good.

With all these case details, the case was analyzed by Dr. Shah on 31st March 2015. Her RA ratio was 7.1 iu/ml. The x-rays of the joints were suggestive of synovitis with joint effusion.

Dr. Shah prescribed his research based molecules with the constitution remedy. He also advised taking the calcium and Vit D3 supplements.

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On 20th May 2015 her father called up regarding her first follow up. Her father was happy as her stiffness, pain and swelling had slightly reduced. She got 10% relief in her first follow-up. She was on Tab. Omnacortil also for ten months.

On the next follow up i.e. On 19th June 2015, her complaints again showed 25% betterment in her pain, stiffness and swelling of her joints.
Her dose of Tab Omnacortil was also reduced by 10 mg to 2 mg. But her genitals were as it is, as that were congenital defects they didn`t show any changes.

On next follow up all the complaints were same, no further changes were observed. Dr. Shah explained to her father that her Tab Omnacortil had completely stopped so slightly flair up of the complaints were expected, which were common after stopping the steroids.

On 1st of December 2015, her complaints were almost 70 % relieved. Patient`s father was very happy with the results. Her limping of the foot had stopped by 60/70 % . Her right eye vision had also improved according to her ophthalmologist.

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On her next follow up she felt better in her rheumatic complaints as well as in her behavior also. She was more aggressive and irritable in initial state but now she became less aggressive. Her parents were happy with the development.

Her parents were overwhelmed in her last follow up on 17th September 2016 as her complaints almost vanished. There was 90% improvement in her rheumatic arthritis complaints. With this treatment, her recurrent cough and cold complaints were also cured.

She is still continuing with the treatment for the complete cure and to prevent recurrence.

Thus, Homeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within. During treatment, new eruptions or flair ups may appear which are common phenomena and are easily controlled by medicines. Undoubtedly, Homeopathy is the medicine of future.

-- Dr. Mansi, Life Force Homeopathy

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