My oral Lichen Planus lesions are completely cured.

Mrs. S. M. S. visited our clinic on 24th March 2012 with her mother. She was 33 years old working female. Her Patient Identification Number is 18648. She was suffering from oral Lichen Planus since 3 – 4 months. There were white streaks inside both cheek. She would feel burning pain while eating food. She would frequently bite her cheek while eating. She had noticed 2 – 3 spots on her genitals also. She had few whitish spots on her forearms. These were polymorphic sun reaction, which were better by sun screen. The pain in the morning was less and more in the evening. She had taken multivitamins and steroids for last 1 week.

Oral lichen planus cured completely

She was suffering from spasmodic dry cough since 1.5 months which did not respond to antibiotics.

Her sleep was disturbed and reduced since last 3 – 4 months due to increased job responsibility.

She dislikes sweets. She would perspire more on the palms and soles. She was sensitive to cold temperature. She was stout in physical appearance.

She was an electrical engineer working in her father’s company in manufacturing unit. Her husband owned a travel agency. She had a 5 years old daughter. Her parents were staying in a different city. Her paternal grandparents were staying with her.

She was a reserved and worrisome person. She would get stressed out very easily. There were major changes made in her work area in the last 6 months. This was stressful for her. She was unable to give sufficient time to her daughter. She had cordial relations with family and co workers. She would generally be a happy person.

She had suffered from viral meningitis 7 years ago.

Her parents were suffering from high blood pressure. Her father had sores in the mouth due to vitamin deficiency.

She was prescribed Kali Cholricum 30c along with few research based medicines by Dr. Shah after a detailed case analysis.

She visited on 25th June to report considerable improvement in her oral LP. The burning pain had reduced considerably. Her cough was better by 50%. She would occasional get the cough for once a month for 1 week, mild in intensity.

She reported on 29th August with overall 60% improvement in her oral LP. The burning pain would flare up once in a while. There was no spread, but burning pain while eating spicy food. The spasmodic cough was further better. The sleep had also improved. Her prescription was upgraded after reviewing the case by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 3rd January, 2013 with further improvement in her oral LP. The pain and burning were minimal. The spasmodic cough was better by 75%. The sleep was improved by 60%. Her prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She later visited on 16th March 2013 and was glad to report complete cure in her oral lichen planus. There were no lesions on either of the cheek. The burning pain was also almost nil. She would now get oral sores once in 2 month, which would heal by itself within a week. The spasmodic dry cough was also better by 90%. The sleep was better by 75%.

Uploaded on 4th April 2013 by Dr. M. N. P

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