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Fistula-in-ano cured with Dr. Shah’s medications

Mr. H. M. S., (Patient Identification Number - 19261) visited our clinic on 15th June 2012. He was a 55 years old retired businessman. He was suffering from Fistula in Ano. It stared as a boil in the perinium, 2 months ago which was infective and discharged pus. It was controlled with antibiotics and subsequently diagnosed as Fistula in Ano. He was advised to go for surgery by a surgeon. He had no pain, no constipation at present, just pus discharge... He was a tobacco chewer since 40 years. He had completed a course of antibiotics 15 days ago. However there was only mild relief with antibiotics. The surgeon had suggested a surgery as the only solution.

He was recently diagnosed with diabetes and was taking conventional medicines. He had high blood pressure since 10 years which was controlled with allopathic medications. He had been operated for angioplasty twice in last 10 years. He wanted to avoid the surgery for his fistula. Since he was suffering from Diabetes, his surgeon had also said that he will have to remain for longer time in the hospital for a post surgery antibiotic course.

He opted for Homeopathy to avoid the surgery. His case was taken in detail.

His appetite was average with liking for sweets. He was sensitive to warm temperature.

His family consisted of wife and 2 sons. His wife was a home maker. He had done various businesses in the past. His elder son was married and settled. His younger son was studying.

He described himself as impatient, sensitive, and short tempered and talkative.

His parents suffered from heart disease.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Silicea 30c and Nitric Acid 30c along with few research based medicines.

He visited on 21st July and reported considerable improvement in his fistula. There was no pain or pus discharge since last 1 month. The stools were normal.

He reported on 30th August with further improvement in his fistula. He did not have any boil or pain since the start of homeopathic medicines.

He reported on 9th October with mild pain and boil formation since last 3 days. He had taken spicy food few days back. There was no pus formation as yet. There was no constipation. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah. He was advised to avoid taking antibiotics.

He reported on 19th November with improvement in his fistula. The last boil healed without taking antibiotics. The homeopathic medicines healed the boil. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and medicines were prescribed.

He reported on 31st December with 80% improvement in his fistula. It had not recurred since 3 months. There was no constipation. The stools were normal. There was no pain, no pus, no boil.

He reported on 16th February with complete cure of his fistula. The stools were normal and no constipation. There was no pain or boil since last 6 months. He was advised to stop the treatment.

He was happy with recovery in his fistula in ano.

Uploaded on 5th April 2013 by Dr. M.N.P

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