Case-8: 25 years old medical representative found 85% relief in Prostatitis within 9 months treatment.

Mr. V. P. J., (PIN NO - 18889) visited our clinic on 16th April 2012. He was suffering from Prostatitis since 2 years. The first episode recovered with antibiotics. Now since 9 months he was having burning pain throughout the day. There would be pain in testicles and coccyx. He would have the urge of urinating every hour. The flow would be normal with no straining. The semen analysis had been done and it was positive for gram negative bacilli. He would feel better by having plenty of water and passing urine. He was currently taking strong antibiotics since 10 days.

His diet was vegetarian with average appetite. He liked spicy food. He would perspire profusely on the face. He was sensitive to cold weather.

He was a medical representative by profession. His mother was a home maker. His father and brother were into family business.

He was anxious and fun loving person.

His mother was suffering from high blood pressure.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and was prescribed Mercurius Solubus 30c along with few research based medicines.

On 2nd June he reported with significant improvement in his pain and frequency of urination. The flow was normal with no strain.

On 30th July he reported with 50-60% improvement in his complaints. The frequency and burning had also decreased.

On 1st October he reported 75% improvement. The burning pain and frequency had further decreased.

On 2nd December he reported with 85% improvement. The burning pain was occasionally felt. The frequency had reduced further.

Uploaded on 22nd April 2013 by Dr. M. N. P

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