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A young patient got her confidence and smile back with 90% control in her Vitiligo with homeopathy.

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9 years old Miss. S. J. V. (Patient Identification Number: 10414) visited Life Force Center on 23rd February 2008 for the treatment of Vitiligo.

She was suffering from Vitiligo since two years. She had mild to moderate patches of Vitiligo on her left knee, ankle, back of thigh, left upper eye lid and the right eye lid. Spots in her case had spread rapidly initially and then stabilized. However since last four months patches were increasing in size and new spots had developed on the back of the left thigh and left leg. The new spots were around 4 mm in size. The patient was on steroids (local as well as oral) for over a year, however there was no improvement. The disease was spreading in spite of use of steroids. Her parents were anxious and very much concerned about the rapid spread of vitiligo.

On her first visit at Life Force, Dr. Rajesh Shah examined her under Wood lamp's which confirmed Vitiligo with active spreading spots.

Her case was taken in detail.

She also complained of bedwetting; about 2-3 times in a week.

She had a craving for sour food. She liked oranges, lemon and curd. According to her mother, probably this was the reason for the rapid spread of her vitiligo. Her appetite was normal. She had minimal perspiration on palms and soles. Her bowels were regular and satisfactory.

She was from a middle class family. Her father was an accountant in a private firm and her mother was a housewife. She had an elder sister.

Her parents described her as a good and obedient girl. Since she was the youngest in the family she was little obstinate and mildly irritable. She liked playing with her sister and was impatient at times. She was good in studies and would always complete her homework on time. She shared a good relation with her friends and had no complaints from school or friends. She was a jovial, active and playful child. She was fond of drawing.

She had no major illness in the past. There was no family history of vitiligo.

After the detailed case taking, Dr. Shah prescribed Phosphorus 200c along with research based medicines.

She was advised to avoid sour food from her diet.

In the first four months, (June, 2008) of treatment, the spread in the vitiligo gradually slowed down.

After about 6 months, (August, 2008) of regular treatment, the old patches showed signs of re pigmentation. There was little new development of spots on eye lid.

After 8 months, (October, 2008) the old patches showed good signs of improvement but tiny new spots were still spreading. She was unable to reduce the intake of sour food. Dr. Shah advised her to avoid it's intake as much as possible.

Medicines were gradually upgraded on subsequent follow-ups. The old spots started re pigmenting. There was substantial re pigmentation seen on left leg and knee. The further spread of the white patches was arrested. The bed wetting episodes had also reduced.

The spots on the right eyelid and on the nape of neck and elbows were showing signs of improvement.

After continuation of medicines for about 2 years, the vitiligo was under control by about 90%. The spots on the nape of neck, elbows, left knee and both eyelids have shown considerable improvement. This significant improvement in the spots boosted her confidence and brought a smile on her face.

Her parents were very happy with the results and are still continuing treatment for further recovery.

Uploaded by Dr. K.W. on 12 April 2013

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