A severely Allergic child recovered wonderfully with Dr. Shah's medication

4 years old sensitive girl child J. K. visited our clinic on 9th January 2010 for the treatment of severe Atopic Dermatitis. She was suffering from Atopy since her birth. After birth her skin was dry, leathery, hard, reddish and oozing. She took steroids for 6 – 8 months at that time. Now since 15 days the eruptions had flared up on neck, ankles, knees, hands and behind ears. Some times the skin may peel off. She was taking homeopathic medicine from a local doctor since a year.

She was severely allergic to nuts, milk and milk products, gluten, yeast and grains. She would immediately get hives and rashes all over the body. The allergy to nut was so severe that even the touch of nut could cause her angioedema. Egg would cause her to turn bluish. There would be severe itching and skin would feel dry like a sand paper.

She was also suffering from frequent colds since birth. She would get sneezing and nose block.

She was a vegetarian by choice with a restricted diet. She liked sweet and spicy food. She was tolerant to both the temperature changes, but would feel uneasy and itchy in the sun. She had constipation, unsatisfactory stools, which would require straining.

Her mother had experienced a severe accident in the 20th week of pregnancy. She was traumatized during the entire pregnancy. She was depressed and did not take care of herself. She would weep. She would become irritable.

The patient was studying in kindergarten. Her mother was a home maker after delivery. She was an IT engineer by profession. Her father was also an engineer working in company.

She was very sensitive and obstinate. She would throw tantrums if anybody contradicted her. She would weep when her parents would quarrel. She was sentimental and fearful by nature.

Her maternal grand mother and mother suffered form allergic rhinitis and allergies. Her father was suffering from gastro esophageal reflux disease. Her paternal and maternal grand father had high blood pressure.

A detailed case study was done by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Thuja Occidentalis 200c single dose with other research based medicines.

She reported on 5th May 2010 with not much improvement in her complaints. The skin peeling, redness and itching was the same. Her case was reviewed and her prescription accordingly upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 14th June 2011 with significant improvement in her Atopic Dermatitis. She was much better before 2 months. It had increased since last 2 months as they had been trying to introduce new food products in her diet.

She then reported on 12th January 2012 with the same Atopic Dermatitis with lesser intensity. She had tried few other homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines, but it did not give much positive response.

Her case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah. The medicines given were Carcinosin 200c, Calcarea Phosphorica 200c along with few research based medicines.

Her mother reported on 22nd March with 20-30% improvement in her Atopic Dermatitis. The itching and dryness was also better by 20 – 30%.

She reported on 1st November 2012 with considerable improvement in her Atopic Dermatitis. The scalp and skin lesions were further better. The prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah after reviewing the case details.

On 15th December, 2012 she visited the clinic with her parents. She was now having just mild few dry lesions. The scalp, folds of the skin were significantly better.

Atopic dermatitis requires time and patience.

Medicines need to be changed, frequent relapses need to be managed, the system needs to be stabilized with Homeopathic remedies, and then one sees normalization in these kids.

Uploaded by Dr. M. N. P on 4th May 2013

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