Moderate scattered patches of Psoriasis recovered excellently with Dr. Shah’s research based medications.

45 years old, Mr. J. S. N., (Patient Identification Number - 19558) visited our Vashi clinic on 29th July 2012. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 7 – 8 years. There were small circular reddish brown spots on the abdomen, hands, legs and chest. It was increasing gradually. He had been applying steroid creams which did not give any relief. He had taken steroid injections and ayurvedic treatment in the past with temporary relief.

He was also suffering from Diabetes since 12 years, which was under control with conventional medicines.

His appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking in food. His thirst was average. He would sweat less. He was sensitive to warm temperature. His bowels were not satisfactory. The stools would be hard and required straining.

He was working as a quality controller in a company and would frequently fly to various countries for work. His wife was a home maker. His son was studying engineering.

He was a perfectionist in his work. He was short tempered and his anger was short lasting. He was affectionate and helpful by nature. He would maintain cordial relations with his parents and siblings.

He was operated for cataract in February, 2012.

His case was studied in detail and was prescribed research based medicine by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 3rd September with mild improvement in his Psoriasis. It had increased slightly few backs as he had stopped applying the steroid creams. He was explained of this mild increase in advance and hence continued the medicines patiently. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah

He visited on 31st October with overall 40% improvement in his Psoriasis. The itching, scaling and redness was less.

He visited on 20th December with mild increase in the itching in the spots since last 10 days. There was no spread or new spots. The scaling was same. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah

He reported on 1st February, 2013 with improvement in his Psoriasis. The itching was decreased to a greater extent and scaling was also less.

He reported on 29th April with around 50% improvement in his Psoriasis. The itching was minimal and the scaling was also less. There was no spread or new spots. His case was reviewed in detail and medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah.

He reported on 21st June 2013 with around 75% improvement in his Psoriasis. The itching and scaling was also decreased by 75%.

He is still continuing the medicines to achieve complete recovery.

Uploaded by Dr. M. N. P. on 24th June 2013

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