A case of extensive and progressive psoriasis responded very well to Homeopathy.

Mr SJC (PIN 11585) a 60 years old farmer from Pune, India, visited Life Force in December 2008.

He was suffering from extensive and progressive palmo-plantar psoriasis since 5 years. He had psoriatic lesions on his palms and soles. There was excessive dryness and redness all over these lesions. He used to have severe itching leading to uncontrollable scratching over affected parts. Because of these lesions he was not able to do his work in his farm and was afraid of his future. He had taken conventional medicines for the same but with no relief.

He came to know about Life Force Homeopathy from one of his relative who got complete cure in his lichen planus. He called up life force and discussed his case with one of the associate doctor of Dr Shah. After getting satisfied information and assurance he decided to get it treated by Dr Shah at Life Force. While noting down his case study following details were noted.

He had tall lean thin physique. His appetite, thirst, digestion, sleep were normal and regular. Emotionally, he was short tempered, anxious but timid kind of person.

After case study the details were analyzed and evaluated by Dr Shah and Constitutional medicine was prescribed in December 2008. Medicines were given for 2 months.

Mr SC reported on 18th February 2009. There was no improvement in his psoriasis lesions or itching. He was more anxious than before. However he said that the progression of psoriasis has stopped. His anxiety was pacified by Dr Shah and was given 2 months medicines.

When he reported on17th April 2009, he was much relieved while informing that there was 50% improvement in the lesions. With subsequent medicines, each for 2 months, there was gradual improvement seen.

In October 2009 when he reported, there was 50% improvement seen. His palms and soles were much clear than before. He was able to do his farming job now.

He then reported after one year, in August 2010. He said that there was complete recovery in his psoriasis with the last medicines and then discontinued the medicine by himself. However there were some old patches getting active. Dr Shah made necessary changes in next medicines and was given for 2 months. He was told that discontinuing line of treatment can lead to such fluctuation.

Mr SC then reported on phone in December 2010. He was very happy to tell doctor that all the lesions were 90% better. His itching was all fine. Now he was able to do all his farming job as earlier. He was excited to mention that Homeopathy, Dr Shah's experience and time to time consolation and medical advises given by associate doctors helped him to come out of this difficult disease.

uploaded on 18 Jun 2013 by Dr. P.D.

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