Steady Recovery from Complaints of Lichen Planus for A Thirty-Nine-Year-Old Lady

Mrs.AAK, with Patient Identification Number:23929, aged thirty-nine years visited the clinic in October 2014 with Lichen planus. The complaint started as minute pin head size papules and then merged together to form a big spot. There was itching. There were lichenified hard moderate papules which were first to appear. The spots were seen on legs (bilateral), forearm (bilateral), knees (bilateral), palms and soles. On examination lichenised hard eruptions on foot, soles - mild papules, forearms- dark healed spots, knees- healed spots. There was no past history. She is normotensive, normothyroid and non-diabetic.


Her appetite was normal and there was great liking for spicy food, fish, meat, and chicken. Her thirst was average and she took about 3 liters of water a day. There was difficulty in perspiration. Her bowel movements were satisfactory. Her micturition was asymptomatic. Her menses was regular; flow for three days and the interval was for 28 days. The premenstrual symptoms include heaviness of chest. She has two daughters aged 13 years and had a history of one abortion.


She works as an administrative professional in Mumbai University. Her spouse is an IT professional. Her daughters are in Standard Eight. She stays near her in –laws.


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She wanted everything in an orderly manner. She liked perfection in everything she does. She mingled easily with people. She weeps easily and was highly sensitive.


Her follow up was taken in the month of February 2015, which showed fifty percent improvement, the old spots improved by fifty percent. The itching and burning were absent. The new spots were also flattening. All the vital parameters were normal.


The subsequent follow-up in June 2015, showed ninety percent improvement. There were healed scars of hypertrophic Lichen planus. No new spots appeared. All the vital parameters were normal.


The following visit in the December 2015, there was status quo condition. No new spots appeared. Older spots were also ninety percent improved. No itching and burning were present.


She visited in the month of March 2016 with slight aggravation due to some dietary changes seen. Active lesions on the upper arm (right side) were seen, all other regions were better. 


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In the follow-up in the month of June 2016, she was ninety percent better. There was no reappearance of old spots and no new spots either. The itching was about seventy-five percent better than the last visit. The parameters recorded are within normal limits.


The visit in October 2016, her condition was status quo. Reappearance that she experienced in March was reduced remarkably. The itching was reduced by eighty-five percent. No new spots appeared. The vital parameters were all normal. The itching and burning were all under control.


The careful and judicious administration of medicine is essential for the cure to happen in a case of Lichen planus and this recovery from a state of itching, patches and burning to a state of betterment speaks of the efficiency of the medicines being administered. She is continuing the medicine to stabilize the condition. Homeopathy is truly beneficial in conditions where there is generalized well-being of the person and the life of the person becomes better.


- Dr. Anjana Pillai.


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