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Stubborn Eczema Treated with Homeopathy

Forty-eight years old Mr. RPH (patient identification number 27808) visited Life Force homeopathy in January 2016 for the treatment of Eczema.


He was suffering from eczema for around four years. His complaints started with hypertrophied, blackish thick eruptions on bilateral ankles and feet. Eruptions increased gradually encircling the both ankles. He would experience a lot of itching and dryness on the affected part. He would experience bleeding from the eruptions due to excessive scratching. His eczema would aggravate in winter. He took conventional treatment for around six months but there was only temporary relief. He tried a homeopathic mode of treatment for around a year, but after initial improvement of 1-2 months, there was no further improvement. The patient was anxious as there was no change in his eczema in spite of taking treatment and there was a gradual increase in the eruptions. 


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There was no significant genetic link to the disease in his family. His mother had diabetes


He would prefer a vegetarian diet. He was sensitive to extremes of temperature. He would perspire moderately. His thirst was less. 


MR. RPH was running his own export business and his wife would help him in the same. He had a ten years old son. 


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He was emotionally very tough and would handle his emotions in every circumstance. He was business-minded. He would help others but never like to get involved emotionally with everyone. He was having good relations with everyone at his work. He was very straight forward. He was settled in his business.


After analyzing all the case details Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines for the patient. 


In March 2016 patient visited for follow-up and reported 10% improvement. Patient felt an improvement in itching. The eruptions also started showing improvement and the progress of eczema had stopped. After analyzing the follow-up Dr. Shah has upgraded the prescription.


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In May 2016, the patient reported around fifty percent improvement in eczema. He used to experience itching only in the morning. The eruptions around both ankles and feet started fading gradually and there was fifty percent improvement. The oozing from the eruptions was completely stopped. The patient was happy with the quick recovery. Dr. Shah prescribed the medicines based on follow-up.


In July 2016 patient visited with sixty percent improvement in Eczema. The thickening of the skin had reduced and itching was almost negligible. The patient continued the medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah.


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In September 2016 patient reported around seventy-five to sixty percent improvement in eczema. There was a lot of improvement in eruptions, dryness, and itching around the ankles and feet. The patient was very happy with the speedy recovery of his stubborn eczema and he was free from any itching or discharge as well.
The patient is still continuing medicines for the complete recovery of eczema. 


This case highlights that the research-based medicines at LifeForce can successfully treat stubborn and resistant cases of eczema. 


Dr.Aparna Hingmire Life Force Team



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