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83 years old patient finds quick relief in Psoriasis

Mr. A.K.S, PIN: 19579, an 83- year-old, resident of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, was suffering from psoriasis as skin disease, since 5 years. The affected body parts were hands, feet and lower back. He got registered with Life Force in the year 2012 for his skin problems. His psoriasis worsened in winters as in North India winters are very severe. He also had an associated complaint of hypertension (high BP) and was on regular medication for the same. He also suffered from under-active-thyroid for the past 22 years and was on regular medication with Tab. Eltroxin and Tab. Repace-H.

Though being a foodie, Mr. AKS stopped his nov-veg intake temporarily. He had an average thirst with great intolerance to cold weather. Physically, he is short in height. His bowels were normal and so was his urine. He slept for 7-8 hours in the night with refreshing sleep and no specific dreams.

He is happily married with a loving wife and 3 sons, who are all settled now. Mr. AKS was a magistrate and is retired. He served in the administrative department and was a lot into sports in his young age.

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As a person, he used to get angry easily. The only mental set back in his life was his brother’s death in 2009, which left him in a lot of grief. 

In the past, the patient ate corn flour chapatis as he was allergic to gluten group of food products. Now, he is not allergic

Follow up 1 (30/09/2012): The patient informed our doctor that his complaints of bleeding and itching had reduced by 50%. He felt fresh all over. His white scaly skin was gradually being replaced by normal skin texture.

Follow up 2 (28/11/2012): The patient complained of increased bleeding, oozing of fluid from his cuts and itching due to approaching winters. The patient was in panic mode, needed help.

Follow up 3 (28/01/2013): Complaints of bleeding and itching had considerably reduced. The skin was coming back to normal looking texture.

Follow up 4 (March 2013): The patient had tremendous improvement and there was no bleeding or scaling of skin for the past 3 months. The patient was very happy with the treatment. Thus, there was overall improvement.

In the month of December 2013, the patient did not complain of any major changes in his skin. There was no bleeding, no cuts, no oozing of blood. He had very mild itching sometimes in the morning on the lower back. The patient is still under our treatment for psoriasis to maintain the same effects on his skin and lead a healthy life. He is very happy with the treatment and has recommended many patients to Life Force for a better living!



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