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    Patients having Psoriasis, Eczema, Vitiligo and Lichen Planus
    keep rubbing Cortisone related creams for years… and do not recover but worsen.

    Time to check homeopathy

Don't keep rubbing lotions on your skin disease!

If you have been suffering from any skin disease such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or lichen planus, it is quite likely that your local, conventional skin doctor must have prescribed to you some form of a lotion. Most of such lotions, creams or ointments are likely to contain some form of immunosuppressive medicines such as Cortisone or Tacrolimus or the like.

It is a common experience of millions of patients across the world that when they use such lotions, the disease resurfaces after an initial, temporary improvement.

Many such patients also observe that the disease which returns after stopping the use of such topical ointment is more severe than before.

This is true for all skin diseases including Vitiligo, pemphigus, alopecia areata (local injection of cortisone).

The freshly diagnosed patients do not recognize this phenomenon and they are tempted to start using some form of local application. It has been imposed on our thinking process that skin diseases must be treated with ointment! Unfortunately, even medical education has not addressed this challenge. Of course, many senior dermatologists do acknowledge that use of topical immunosuppressive medicines serves only temporary benefit.


Ideally, the moment you are diagnosed as having any skin disease, it is wiser to find out the internal factors responsible for it; and look out for a treatment that could address the disease at the internal, root level.

Homeopathy has earned credit for the treatment of skin diseases by internal medicines. Homeopathy does not believe in treating any skin disease by the application of the medicines on the skin, except using some non-medicinal moisturizers.

A well thought of homeopathic treatment designed for the patient on the basis of internal, individual, genetic, immunological factors; is the best way to treat a wide range of common and uncommon skin diseases.


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