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Dr. Shah probably has most homeopathic Patents
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(USA, Europe, Australian and Indian patents)

Dr Rupal Shah's interview in Times Ascent: "Women entrepreneurs lead the way" (November 2009)

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Novel treatment at Life Force, Mahanagar.

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Cure for vitiligo using homeopathy, Punya Nagri.

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Mumbai Mirror, an interview with Dr Rajesh Shah (November, 2009)

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Dr Shah's Life Force conducting research trials, Business Standard, December, 2009

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Challenges posed to homeopathic treatment by previous use of immunosuppressive agents: Observations from clinical practice, by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD in Brazilian jounrnal, Revista de Homeopatia 2014;74(3/4): 49-54

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What homeopathy is not, by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, in Homeopathy Links, Europe, volume 24, Sept 2011

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"Life force: One of the most modern homeopathic centers in the world", an article in Mid Day, Mumbai, dated 10th May, 2013.

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Hepatitis C Nosode: The preparation and homeopathic pathogenetic trial. An article by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, in one of world's most reputed, peer reviewed journals from UK, April, 2013

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Case Studies

A 25-year-old lady homemaker, Mrs. B.S.M. (PIN: 38544) came to Life Force for the treatment of Urticaria, an autoimmune disease resulting due to ill-treatment or improper management of multiple immune-related ailments, that had started affecting her suddenly within a short span of 2 months.

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A 33 years old male patient Mr. R. S. (Patient Ref. No. L4798), reported with complaints of psoriasis since 3 years. He had eruptions on his knees, elbows, back and on his .....Read more

46 years old home maker, Mrs. H. B. B. (Patient Identification Number - 19467) visited Lifeforce clinic on 17th July, 2012. She was accompanied by her husband. She complained of sleeplessness since 2 years. It has increased since 2 months. Her sleep would be disturbed by fearful dreams. With fear.....Read more

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Results may vary from person to person

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Results may vary from person to person

How to find a good homeopath for you, explained by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force


Surgical conditions which can be helped with homeopathy, explained by Dr Rajesh Shah

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