Chronic & Resistant Tinea Corporis Effectively Treated At Life Force

    A young office assistant from Mumbai Mrs. KSS (patient identification number 29472) approached Life Force homeopathy for the treatment of her Tinea corporis in August 2016.

    Her complaints had started 5-6 months back before her visit to Life Force. Gradually, the symptoms started turning into reddish, circular, and ring-shaped eruptions with raised borders on her lower abdomen, inner thighs, groins, and around breast line. Eruptions had started spreading with intense itching and dryness on the affected part. After the eruptions would heal, the affected area would turn blackish due to hyper-pigmentation.

    Her complaint used to get aggravated in the early morning and at night. She used to experience greater itchy after sweating. She took homeopathic treatment from a local homeopath, but there was no relief so she switched to the conventional treatment. There was no significant relief even after taking oral and topical anti-fungal medicines.

    She had associated complaints of urticaria for which she was taking homeopathic treatment.

    In her family history, her father suffered from recurrent fungal infections, urticaria, and hypertension. Her paternal grandmother used to suffer from urticaria frequently, and her mother suffered from arthritis.

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    She would prefer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet, and her appetite was average. She had craving for sour food, sweets, and fish. She used to get sweating easily all over her body in the hot weather.

    Mrs. KSS was working in the admin department of one of the business solution companies. Her husband had his own welding workshop. She was staying with her husband, 3-years-old daughter, and her in-laws.

    She was quite extrovert and friendly with everyone around. She was straight forward. She had strained relationship with her in-laws as they would discriminate between her and her younger sister-in-law. She used to feel lonely due to the behavior of her in-laws.

    After analyzing the case as per homeopathic protocol, Dr. Shah prescribed Natrum Phosphoricum 200, Bacillinum 200, along with research based medicines.

    In September 2016, there was around 20 % improvement after the initial increase in complaints. She reported a new eruption on her left cheek, whereas there was an improvement in the old eruptions. Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines after going through the follow-up.

    In November 2016, the patient reported around 50 % improvement in her eruptions. There was a marked improvement in the relief from itching as well. There was a slight increase in the newly appeared eruptions on her cheek. She continued the medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah.

    In March 2017, there was overall 70 % improvement in relief from tinea corporis.  Patient reported that there was a significant improvement in eruptions and itching. She was happy as there were no new eruptions.

    In May 2017, Mrs. KSS reported 80 % improvement. Eruptions were no more active and itching had stopped completely. There was no recurrence of new eruptions since the treatment had started. The only concern of patient was post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, and, for that purpose, the patient is still continuing the medicines.


    As the tinea corporis or fungal infection gets older, it tends to get more resistant to any form of treatment. Once anti-fungal treatment is used for many months, this infection becomes more resistant and difficult to treat. Homeopathy is strongly indicated and highly effective for treating Tinea corporis.

    • Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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