A Significant Relief From Chronic Ankylosing Spondylitis Pain & Discomfort Obtained With Homeopathy

A 44-years-old male patient, Mr. S. S. (PIN 8190) reported to the clinic with the complaints of ankylosing spondylitis. He had been suffering with dull continuous pain in the lower back since 22 years. The pain was mild, but continuous. The pain would get severe once in a year.

During an acute attack, he would experience sharp shooting pain radiating from the lumbar region to the right hip joint. He used to experience difficulty in performing most of the movements, such as walking, sitting, and standing. The pain would increase when lying down on the affected side (right side). He could lie down on the left side.

Though HLA- B27 was found to be negative, the X-ray of his lumbar spine showed a loss of joint space in both the sacroiliac joints. There was erosion of articular surfaces which stated Ankylosing Spondylitis. His ESR was 57(high).

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He was suffering from a continuous pain in the inter-phalangeal joints of his fingers since 1 ½ years. There was no swelling or stiffness of the joints.

He was on painkillers, when the pain would be unbearable, but with a little relief from the pain.

His appetite was normal. He had craving for sour foods. He had an average thirst. There was profuse and offensive perspiration, mainly on his forehead. His bowel and bladder movements were normal, and he preferred cold climate.

His sleep was disturbed due to constant thoughts.

He was a businessman, who stayed in a joint family with his wife, two children, parents, and his brother and brother’s family.

He was a reserved person, who would get anxious and tensed about small matters. He liked to take his own decisions in business and did not like any interference in his work.

There was no history of any significant illnesses in the past. There was a medical history of diabetes in his paternal family.

The patient consulted Dr. Shah. He was examined by Dr. Shah, and his case was studied and evaluated in detail. Dr. Shah prescribed him Calc Flour in the 200 potency along with research medicines for Ankylosing Spondylitis.

In 8 weeks of following the medication, the frequency of his pain was reduced. The pain, which was continuous, was less often now. 

Within 5 months of the treatment, the patient reported 50%-60 % decrease in the intensity of the pain. The pain in his inter-phalangeal joints of the fingers had reduced considerably.

In the subsequent months, there was a mild relapse of the complaints but the pain was remarkably lesser than earlier. He was able to move about freely. The patient experienced an overall 80% relief in his symptoms. He was able to sleep well. His dependency on the painkillers had reduced drastically. Dr. Shah advised the patient to continue the medication for some more time to obtain a complete relief from the symptoms.


This case illustrates that in conditions like ankylosing spondylitis the pathology that is developed cannot be reversed, but a significant symptomatic relief can be achieved with homeopathy.

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