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Asthmatic Bronchitis Glossary

Of the bronchus (plural: bronchi), affecting the bronchi.

Bronchial Asthma:
An obstructive lung condition due to the Heightened sensitivity of the lung tubes, where due to the reversible Obstruction one experiences difficulty in breathing.

An inflammatory condition of the bronchus or bronchi.

Asthmatic bronchitis:
Bronchial inflammatory condition in children suggestive of Hyperresponsiveness of the lung tubes producing the narrowing of the air passage leading to tube spasm and hence the difficulty in respiration.

Difficult respiration

One of the two branches of the trachea, the main air-pipe joining the nose and the lungs.

The main air-pipe, which bifurcates into two bronchi, each, going to the respective lung.

A sac-like an end organ of the bronchioles where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged.

One of the millions of small end-branches of the bronchi, which transports oxygen.

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