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My 10 year long suffering of IBS is cured with Dr Shah's homeopathy..


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Mr. R. C. M. aged 42 years (Patient Identification Number 12494) visited Life Force for the treatment of IBS.

He was suffering from IBS since 10 years. He would pass stools 3-4 times in a day. His stools were semi solid and sticky by nature. He had pain in anal region after passing stool. He also complained of flatulence with bloated sensation in abdomen. He had feverish feeling. Whenever he used to pass loose stools, he had weakness and malaise. He had lost 7-8 kg weight.

His appetite was average. There was no marked craving and aversion for food. His sleep was sound.

His mother was suffering from Diabetes and Paralysis.

He was mild and calm by nature. He had stress related to his work as well as family problems, as his mother was paralytic and bed ridden. During this stressful period of his life he developed IBS. He was very anxious by nature. He would get upset even for small things.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case details and prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional medicines for his IBS. Dr. Shah also prescribed medicines for anxiety which was the maintaining cause of his IBS.

After 6 weeks of medication his IBS complaints reduced by 40%. His frequency of stool reduced. Pain after passing stools also reduced. His general health started becoming better. He gained 1 kg weight.

After 4 months of medication his IBS reduced by 70%. He was free from bloated sensation and flatulence. There was no fever and weakness. Mentally he was feeling much better. His anxiety level came down drastically. He felt relaxed and at ease.

After 8 months of medication, he was completely alright. The frequency of stools, pain, abdominal complaints had significantly improved. He was very happy as he re-gained weight and emotionally he was much better than earlier.

NOTE:IBS is effectively treated with homeopathy as homeopathy treats the underlying cause of the disease. Dr. Shah not only treated his IBS but anxiety was also treated as this was the underlying and maintaining cause in his case. The patient reported improvement at both levels.


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