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A 28 year old with frequent, unsatisfactory stools with a chronic feeling of lethargy.

A 28-year-old R.G (L-7546) reported to the clinic with complaints of unsatisfactory stools. The frequency of stools was about 2-3 times a day. He had episodes of crampy pain all over the abdomen atleast 10-12 times a day, which occurred atleast once a week. He also complained of frequent belching. The stools were semi-solid and covered with thick mucus. He would experience an ineffectual urge to pass stools, but occasionally passed only gas. All his gastric complaints were aggravated after meals and having spicy food.

Along with his bowel symptoms, he complained of lethargy (tiredness) since a year. He had frequent yawning. He used to frequently fall asleep during daytime. Occasionally he used to feel feverish. There was marked weight loss noticed (approx about 5 kg in 3 months). He also complained of tingling and numbness in the feet, once a week since six months.

He had diminished appetite since 6 months. He was very fond of meat and was totally averse to bitter gourd. He used to smoke (one cig /day) and have alcohol (once/week) since eight years. He had excessive thirst and used to have large quantities of water at a time. He could not bear heat in general.

He was residing alone in Mumbai, whereas his family was based in another city. He was short tempered. He used to speak loudly as he could not resist his anger. He used to be severely stressed when he had a clash with anyone. He had marked anxiousness. He was particularly anxious whether he would reach a particular place on time. He was very stressed due to his financial responsibilities towards his parents.

He had no history of any major illnesses in the past. His brother had suffered from Pulmonary Koch’s. There was no history of any other major illness in the family.

After a detailed case history, he was prescribed individualised homeopathic treatment. After about three months of treatment, the frequency of stools had decreased to once a day. There was no presence of mucus in the stool. There was marked improvement in the sensations of tingling and numbness of the feet. He had been completely relieved of the crampy pain in the abdomen and belching. His complaints of general weakness and feverish feeling significantly improved. He has been asked to continue the medicines to get complete relief.


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