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A known case of intestinal diverticulitis since three years and now suffering from IBS for the past six months particularly between 8 am to 4 pm


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A 76-year-old Mr P.D (Patient Reference No L-6259) reported to the clinic with a known case of Intestinal Diverticuli since 3 years. He complained of increased frequency stools with mucus. He had marked discomfort in abdomen, which was aggravated by sitting and was relieved by lying down.

Along with IBS, he also complained of pain in the calves since six months, which got aggravated between 8 am to 4 pm.

He was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 18 years ago with severe pain in the knees. He used to find it very difficult to be seated for more than half an hour. All his rheumatic complaints aggravated by sitting, walking or squatting for a long time.

He had an average appetite. He was very fond of sweets and onions. He had excessive thirst. He was very sensitive to slightest exposure to drafts of air. He couldn’t tolerate cold in general. He had increased frequency of urination (1-2 times/night). He had to wait a lot to urinate. He had disturbing sleeping patterns due to constantly waking up for urination.

He worked as a store officer and resided with his family. He was very anxious about his illness. He feared about his disease being cancerous (malignant). He used to constantly be under a feeling of being trapped in the house and not being able to move freely. He had marked aversion to being alone. He loved to talk and so he desired company. He opted for voluntary retirement (earlier than his tenure) as he was fed up with his previous job. He would often get angry and shout at his executives/manager at the job. He labels himself as a ‘terror’ at his job place. He would be very punctual. At the same time he was very fastidious in nature (would want to see everything in order). He used to be gloomy as his son was away for most of the time and he was left with no one to talk.

His history revealed that he had undergone surgery for Benign Enlargement of Prostate six years back, as a result of which he developed a stricture and now had to undergo regular dilatation. Investigations like barium enema revealed Multiple Intestinal Diverticuli.

After a detailed case history, he was prescribed constitutional homeopathic medicines. After eight months of treatment, the frequency of his stools had reduced and there was no presence of mucus in the stools. The tightness in the abdomen significantly improved. Pain in the calf muscles was relieved by about 90 %. After about 22 months as he reported, he was suffering from nasal discharge and yellowish discharge from his right ear. He was treated for his acute symptoms and he was overall relieved of symptoms.


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