Prostate/Prostatitis disorders and Treatment

The system of homeopathic medicine has a promising role to offer for the treatment of various diseases associated with the prostate gland, inclusive of all its variants. Homeopathy, a branch of alternative medicines, can address the majority of these problems effectively, gently and without using a knife.

The homeopathic approach towards prostate diseases:

The unique feature of Homeopathy philosophy is that Homeopathy aims at treating the patient who is diseased rather than merely treating the diseased organs of the patient. 'Treat the patient, not the disease' is a dictum practiced by homeopaths over 200 years. This simply means that the disease should not be treated superficially as if it is an independent entity in the body. Instead, it is perceived that every disease is a result of the dysfunction of the whole body, as every system in the human body is interlinked. When we approach the patient with the idea of 'treating the patient and not the disease,' it is important to note that the disease gets automatically treated when the 'patient as a whole' is treated.

This holds true for prostate diseases also. Whether it is prostatitis or prostate enlargement Homeopathy perceives this as a total affliction of the body and not of the prostate gland alone.

The basic approach in homeopathy is to evaluate the diseases of the prostate to its whole extent, whereby a lot of emphases is given to the patient as a whole besides minutely studying various aspects of the prostate disorders. This is called as a totalistic approach.

Moreover, homeopathy firmly believes in enhancing body's own curative power to maintain a healthy status. The homeopathic approach is to enhance body's own healing capacity so that the deep-rooted maladies can be removed from the roots.

Constitutional approach:

As per classical homeopathy, we believe in constitutional prescribing. It can be easily perceived that no two individuals are identical. Out physique, emotions, lifestyles vary so much from one another. Same holds true for the disease. Everybody experiences the same disease in different ways. This calls for an individual case study in every case of the Prostate disease. There is no single specific remedy for all the cases of Prostate disorders. To make it simple Homeopathy provides a tailor-made solution to suit one's unique constitution.

What is the Constitutional Approach?

What we understand by the Constitutional Approach in homeopathy is nothing but analysis and evaluation of various factors affecting the human constitution to determine the disease diagnosis and the exact treatment in turn. Every case of prostate malady calls for a study of the patient's constitution, which includes various aspects of his physical ailments as well as the in-depth study of the mental sphere, such as emotions, psychosocial background, and behavior and personality pattern.

Homeopathy case analysis for Prostate disorders:

Every patient with the Prostate disease is evaluated as an individual case and treated as such. While making the case analysis of patient having prostate affliction patient's minute of the details about the presenting complaints are noted carefully, as regard to the severity of pain, various urinary complaints, associated complaints, triggering factors, the extent of enlargement of the gland or elevations in PSA levels of blood, etc. Besides, a greater deal of emphasis is given to patient's individual features such as eating habits, food preference, thermal attributes, and sleep pattern. The study of the patient's mental and emotional spheres is conducted meaningfully. Furthermore, patient's history of past diseases and that of the family diseases is understood to know the miasmatic background of the patient.

Role of Homeopathy medicines:

After putting all the vital information together, and fine evaluation process carried out, an individualist medicine is determined. This constitutional medicine, which when administered in the correct dose treats the patient at an inner level and brings about harmony at the constitutional level.

In patients of prostatitis, the Homeopathy medicines help reduce the inflammation of the gland and surrounding structures. The pain associated with this condition usually subsides with Homeopathic medication. In cases of acute prostatitis, Homeopathy can be the best substitute for antibiotics. Moreover, problems of 'resistance of bacteria' as faced by antibiotic do not exist with Homeopathy This is because Homeopathy rather than killing bacteria by itself enhances body's own immunity so that body can kill bacteria.

In cases of non-infectious chronic prostatitis and prostatodynia where the exact cause cannot be pinpointed Homeopathy has definitely upper hand over the conventional mode of treatment. With recent advances, these conditions are believed to be allergic or autoimmune in nature. As Homeopathy can bring deviations of immune system back to normalcy, the problem is taken care of without suppressing body's defense system, as done by conventional immunosuppressive drugs. Moreover, Homeopathy truly understands role of psyche at the root of various conditions including prostatitis. The rightly chosen Homeopathic medicine makes an individual emotionally stronger to bear the stress of life more positively.

In cases of BPH decades-long notion is to remove the gland. However, Homeopathy can treat these problems gently and effectively without using a knife. As now perceived BPH is thought to be related to aging process and hormonal deviations associated with it. Homeopathy, which works at deep, constitutional level, brings back these deviations to normal, thus preventing further enlargement. To a certain extent, it can shrink the enlarged gland. Moreover, relief of symptoms associated with urinary problems obtained with Homeopathy is without the side effects of surgery.

There is an important consideration while starting treatment for prostate cancer in early lesions, which are entirely asymptomatic and discovered incidentally. Many of these patients may be very old and the treatment if too radical could have possibly more side effects and risks, which could outweigh the possible benefits the patient would derive from it. It is possible to manage such cases efficiently with Homeopathy Moreover Homeopathy can be the best option to produce a palliative treatment.

Homeopathy medicines:

There are over 3000 medicines in homeopathy used for a range of problems. About twenty or more are often indicated for the cases of prostate disorders. It should be noted that there is no single specific medicine for prostate diseases. For every individual medicine is selected on the basis of constitutional approach. To know more about Homeopathy medicines click here >>> Homeopathy Medicines for Prostatitis

General management

The scope of homeopathic treatment in BPH

There is the good scope for improvement of the symptoms with Homeopathic treatment in the following cases of BEP:

How to get started with the treatment?

01 Homeopathy is very effective in all stages and variants of prostate diseases.

02 It is possible to manage prostatic enlargement with Homeopathy rather than undergoing surgery.

03In chronic prostatitis and prostatodynia Homeopathy can be the best substitute for conventional treatment.

04 Considering the old age at which prostate cancer is diagnosed and the potentially harmful effects of conventional aggressive treatment, Homeopathy can be the best possible palliative treatment.

05 It may be taken along with traditional medicines prescribed by a physician.

06 It helps arrest further progress of the disease and hence deterioration caused by the disease.

07 It significantly helps to reduce the relapse and recurrence of the condition. It treats the disease from the root and not merely superficially.

08 It is absolutely safe, harmless, and non-toxic. It does not interfere with other medicines.

09 Duration of Homeopathy treatment varies from person to person and depends on the extent of the disease, how long the patient has the problem, the general state of health of the patient, the size of the gland, etc.

General management

  • Self-care: Drink plenty of water. But, avoid drinking more water after 6 pm.
  • Limit or avoid alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods
  • Urinate at regular intervals.
  • If you're a cyclist, use a "split" bicycle seat, which reduces the pressure on your prostate.

The scope of homeopathic treatment in BPH

There is a good scope for improvement of the symptoms with Homeopathic treatment in the following cases of BEP:

  • Cases in which the residual urine is usually less than 90 to 100 ml
  • Cases in which the weight of the prostate gland is not more than 60-70 gms
  • Cases in which malignancy of the prostate gland has been ruled out

How to get started with the treatment?

Dr Shah's online treatment works on simple 3 steps. Please click here for more details.

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