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Sleeplessness: Do's and Don'ts


Do's for Sleeplessness

  • Maintain regularity: make it a point to go to sleep at a fixed time and also wake up at a fixed time. Try not to break this schedule as far as possible.
  • Have a hot milk drink before going to bed. Hot milk has natural sedative compounds in it.
  • See to it that the environment in the room is ideal for sleeping (no noise, proper temperature, adequately dark, etc.)
  • Adequate physical exercise during the daytime usually ensures that you get a good sleep at night. However, avoid too much of exercising after evening as this may tend to keep you fresh and make you unable to fall asleep.
  • Try a relaxation exercise or meditation or listen to some soft, soothing music to relax your mind if you are not getting sleep.
  • Have a warm bath before you go to sleep.
  • If you can't sleep, get up and do something for a while; later try to go back to sleep again.
  • Quit smoking- nicotine can contribute to sleeplessness.


Sleeplessness Don'ts

  • Sleeping during the day: If you are very tired, make it a short nap (about 45 minutes), not a long sleep
  • Eating a heavy meal or drinking caffeinated beverages in the late evening or at night
  • Drinking alcohol few hours before bedtime: This will disrupt your sleep pattern and cause your sleep to be unrefreshing
  • Smoking before bedtime
  • Exercising vigorously in the evening hours
  • Reading or working in bed during the daytime
  • Thinking about stressful events before sleeping
  • Getting worried or excessively tensed if you are not able to sleep: This will worsen your insomnia

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