Ulcerative Colitis Future & Long Term Complications

Ulcerative colitis is a very stubborn affliction of the digestive system, which once acquired can garrote the person for his or her entire life. However, with rightly chosen medical management it is possible to extend the periods of remission dramatically.

Ulcerative colitis and colon cancer...

While not every person with ulcerative colitis will develop colon cancer, as compared to the general population patients with ulcerative colitis bear more chances of having colon cancer (around 10-20%).

The risk of cancer increases with the duration and the extent of involvement of the colon. Colon cancer generally does not appear before someone has had the disease for at least 8-10 years. In addition, if only the lower colon and rectum are involved, the risk of cancer is not higher. Only, if the entire colon is involved, the risk of cancer may be more.

Fortunately, good disease control of ulcerative colitis itself is beneficial with regard to the risk for colorectal cancer. This goal can be safely and surely achieved with Homoeopathy.

Another complication of ulcerative colitis, which can pose a medical emergency, is toxic megacolon. Toxic megacolon is a severe dilatation of the colon, which occurs when inflammation spreads from the mucosa through the remaining layers of the colon. The colon becomes paralyzed which can lead to it eventually bursting; this is known as a "perforation". Such perforation is a dire medical emergency. Warning signs of this condition are abdominal pain/tenderness, abdominal distention, fever, large numbers of stools with obvious blood, and a rapid (more than 100/minute) pulse rate. Fortunately, this grave complication appears to be decreasing in frequency, which probably reflects more effective treatment.

Complications of Ulcerative Colitis

There are many other complications of Ulcerative colitis which are common but not life-threatening:

01 Growth failure:

 Growth failure is more common in pediatric patients. The puberty delay may be greater than 1 year.

02 Kidney stones:

 Perhaps the most frequent renal problem associated with Ulcerative colitis is kidney stones.

03 Osteoporosis:

 Osteoporosis, which means "porous bones", refers to the wasting or deterioration of bone. Bone mass is reduced to a level below that required for adequate support. As a result, the bones become soft and weak and fracture easily.

04 Anemia:

 The term "anemia" is used by physicians to indicate a low red blood cell count. The main manifestations produced by anemia are weakness and fatigue. Shortness of breath, especially with physical activity, is also common. Patients often find that they just can't do things with as much energy as they used to.

05 Decreased male fertility:

 There is some evidence to suggest that fertility in males may go down. This may be related more to 'sulfa drugs' prescribed during conventional treatment for the condition rather than the disease itself.

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