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A 33-Year-Old Lady Got Excellent Recovery From Urticaria With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 33-year-old lady, Miss S. G. M. (PIN: 40145) was suffering from Urticaria. She came to Life Force for the treatment of Urticaria on 14th May 2019. She was suffering from its episode every day in the last 2-3 months and it used to last for almost 1 hour. The disease got triggered in her by the intake of some food from Thailand. She was experiencing severe heat sensation in the affected areas along with intense itching. There were hives on her body accompanied by the swelling of the lips, face, and around the eyes. All her complaints used to get aggravated by heat, pressure, and perspiration. The patient was on antihistamines for her complaints.

She had associated complaints of Acidity.

The patient had infections, such as Dengue and Malaria, in the past. She had undergone Laser surgery and Surgery of Bartholin’s cyst too.

The patient was a vegetarian, but she had a diminished appetite. Although her thirst was excessive, she had average perspiration and was sensitive to the heat. Her sleep was good. Her menses were regular.

She was a B. Com graduate and was looking for some job, as she was not satisfied with the existing job. Her father had died because of Liver Cirrhosis. She was staying with her mother.

The girl was depressed. Her emotions were suppressed, and she appeared very weak and sad.

In her family, her father suffered from Liver Cirrhosis, and her mother was having an Underactive Thyroid, Diabetes Mellitus, and Hypertension.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed his research-based Homeopathic medicines to the patient. The patient got very good relief in her symptoms in a short period. The follow-ups are mentioned below.

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The patient’s first follow-up was in July 2019. Her relief in the intensity of the disease was better, although the frequency was almost as it is.

At the second follow-up in October 2019, the patient told us that she was much better than the last follow-up, but her itching had increased from a few days. The frequency of the episodes had reduced to once in two to three days now, and the duration was just half an hour. Her itching, swelling, and Angioedema had reduced to 75%.

In November 2019, she was about 80% better than earlier. Her relief in the intensity of the disease was better. The episode would only last for a few minutes now.

In January 2020, she was further better up to 95%. Her relief in all the symptoms had improved to a great extent. The intensity of the symptoms was reduced to a great extent.


This case illustrates that Homeopathy helps in providing very good relief to the patient of diseases like Urticaria. It helps to reduce the frequency, duration, and severity of episodes safely without any side-effects and also reduces the dependency on Antihistamines.

  • Written by Dr. Garima Pancholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD) Hom.


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