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J. O., Kenya

I have progressed so well since i started taking the medicines. My gout is remarkably better. My hitherto inflamted feet became normal after about 7 to 10 days of taking medicines. The pain disappeared and I have never experienced any gout attack since then.

N. D., France

My treatment is very good for me. Since the treatment started the improvement is about 70%. Since the last medicine the improvement (+ 50%) is better than the first medicine. The lichen planus has stopped spreading. The itching is going down. There is no new lichen planus coming. The oral lichen planus lesions is disappearing. No more pain, burning or soreness. No sensitivity to hot and spicy food.

Mital Kambli, Thane, India

nspite of consulting two to three doctors we saw no effects on Mitali’s Urticaria. Finally I found Life Force on internet. I read about Dr. Shah and rushed to him. He assured me that her Urticaria would be cured within 8 months to one year. His prediction proved true. Within three to four months we were able to see the results. During her treatment she had restrictions on her diet. But now she can have a normal diet. Thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah and his team.


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