7 Essential Facts That You Must Know About Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in maintaining good health. It regulates various important body functions and ensures the smooth functioning of various body processes. The improper functioning of the thyroid can make you suffer from hypothyroidism. You may experience weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, thinning of hair, impaired memory, muscle aches, a puffy face, and other undesirable symptoms due to it. So, it is extremely important to look after thyroid health. Here are 7 essential facts that you must know about hypothyroidism.

  1. Thyroid: An Engine Of Our Body

The thyroid gland is like a car engine that sets the pace at which our body operates. An engine produces the required amount of energy for a car to move at a certain speed. In the same way, the thyroid gland produces enough thyroid hormone to prompt your cells to perform a function at a certain rate. A car can’t produce energy without fuel. Similarly, the thyroid gland needs fuel to produce thyroid hormone. This fuel is iodine. Iodine comes from our healthy diet. A car engine produces energy, but it is you who have to decide how fast to go by stepping on the accelerator. Likewise, the thyroid gland also needs some direction. The pituitary gland, which is located at the base of our brain, gives the direction to the thyroid gland. Pituitary gland sends messages to the thyroid gland regarding how much thyroid hormone it should produce. These messages come in the form of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

TSH levels in the bloodstream rise or fall depending on whether enough thyroid hormone is produced to meet our body’s needs. Higher levels of TSH prompt the thyroid to produce more thyroid hormone. On the other hand, low TSH levels signal the thyroid to slow down the production of thyroid hormone.

Under-Active Thyroid

When the thyroid gland does not produce sufficient thyroid hormone that means it is under (slow) active. This condition is known as Hypothyroidism. This slows down your body metabolism.

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  1. Often Undiagnosed Or Accidentally Diagnosed:

Often, the symptoms of hypothyroidism are vague and are ignored as they don’t necessarily point to a thyroid problem. In some people with hypothyroidism, the symptoms take some time to develop and might not always be clinically recognizable.

  1. It’s Not Just A Fatigue:

If you are feeling very tired, exhausted, fatigue, and sluggish throughout the day, these could be one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

A few common symptoms of hypothyroidism are constant fatigue, neck swelling, constipation, sensitivity to the cold, hands and feet turning cold, menstrual problems, body pain, sudden weight gain, brittle nails, hair fall, sleep disturbances, and dull and dry skin.

  1. It Can Affect Mental Health:

Hypothyroidism can also lead to mood swings, anxiety disorder, irritability, reduced concentration, or depression.

An untreated hypothyroidism can cause heart problems, infertility, joint pain, obesity, myxedema, and other critical health issues. So, get it treated as soon as possible.

  1. More Common In Women:

Women are five to eight times more likely to develop a thyroid disorder than men. It is more common in females, but males too suffer from hypothyroidism.

  1. The Faulty Lifestyle:

Faulty lifestyle habits too are responsible for the development of hypothyroidism. Stress is the most common trigger for thyroid dysfunction. The more processed foods you consume, the worse get your thyroid health. So, try to develop and follow healthy lifestyle habits.

  1. Lifestyle Changes Matters:

Along with the proper medication, changes in diet and lifestyle are an important part in the treatment of hypothyroidism. Healthy food habits and an active lifestyle are the best ways to heal your thyroid naturally. It’s important for you to get quality sleep every night, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and consider the use of stress-relieving mechanisms, such meditation & yoga, to help combat your low energy levels. Go for a brisk morning walk to beat your stress.

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– Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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