Can homeopathy cure Hernia?

Hernia treatment with homeopathySome people approach homeopathic physicians for the treatment of hernia. Let us discuss in brief what is hernia before talking about its homeopathic treatment.

Hernia is a condition where there is a protrusion of an organ down the cavity which holds it. Often, it is seen as a bulge beneath the skin on the body, on naked eye examination.

Types of hernia:

Depending on the location and body part involved, hernias can be divided into five different types.

Inguinal hernia (seen in inner part of groin): It is most commonly found in men. The bladder or part of intestine protrudes through the abdominal wall in the inguinal canal in the groin.

Incisional hernia (occurs as a result of a previous surgical incision): In this type of hernia there is always a history of abdominal surgery done in the past. The intestines push through the abdominal wall at the site of previous surgery. Mostly, obese, sedentary and elderly people are affected by this type of hernia. These people have lax abdominal muscles due to lack of abdominal exercises.

Femoral hernia (seen in upper part of the thigh near the groin): This is mostly seen in females.

Umbilical hernia (seen on or near to the umbilicus): Umbilical hernia is mostly seen in newborn babies. Sometimes it is also seen in an obese female with the history of many deliveries.

Hiatal hernia (it is found inside the body on the upper part of the stomach): A hiatus or hiatal hernia is characterized by protrusion of stomach into the diaphragm through the opening in the esophagus.

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Causes of development of hernias: Weakness of the muscle walls and increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, these are the two main reasons of developing hernias. Following actions are known to cause increased pressure in the abdominal wall.

  • Occupations which includes lifting heavy weights. Ex. Porters.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Persistent coughing and sneezing in conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Straining while urination as in prostatic hypertrophy.
  • Excess body weight with lack of exercise.Life Force Homeopathy

Symptoms of hernia: Usually, hernia presents itself in the form of a bulge beneath the skin which increases in size when coughing and disappears or reduces in size when lying down. Hiatal hernia causes the symptoms of heartburn.

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Homeopathic treatment for hernia:

It should be noted that hernia is not a medical condition. It is a surgical problem which can be fixed by a surgeon by performing herniorrhaphy (surgical repair of hernia) on the patient.
Because of the nature of the disease condition, neither conventional medicines nor homeopathic medicines are suggested for hernia, as they have no role in the treatment of hernia. No medicine can cure hernia. Homeopathy has no treatment for hernia.

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  1. 9

    I have 18mm defect at anterior abdominal wall in umbilical region with omental fat suggestive of umbilical hernia. Can homepathy cure and fix it or its better to go for surgery?

  2. 12
    rummy arora

    I am auffring from harneya last 5 year one side swaling hai kabhi khatam ho jati hai to kabhi bahar a jati hai pain bhi mujhe kbhi mehsos nahi hoi pls advice me madicin maine homopathy medicin li hai 1 year ka course kiya hai mere ye problem jitna pehle tha ab bhi utna hi hai

  3. 13
    mayank khurana

    i am having hernia on both side..on left side the abdominal wall of gap 3.1cm.. and on right side 1cm.. i am having hernia fron almost 6 years. on left side..but i am not having any type of pain.
    can i cure it without surgery..and also i met with a homoeopathy doctor , she suggest me that it can be cured by homoeopathy medicine.not to go for surgery,,please help me ,, i am very much confused.

  4. 16

    Doctor, I have just diagnosed for inguinal hernia (initial stage), nothing visible physically, but feel pain on the right side while walking, bending or running. Doctor suggested a surgery. I am Indian working in Dubai. Could you please advise on this?

  5. 18

    1.5 year old my son suffering from hernia problem both side . my son having pain & one side littel goli.
    6 month old time one side operated.
    after 12 month again next side pain
    I taking homopathy medicine from dr. Pl advise me witch medicine I take

  6. 20
    Nidhi Pandey

    My father is suffering from hiatal hernia from three months almost . Doctor has suggested homeopathy medicines for this , it is 6 months course , one month is completed but my father has still problem in eating. Can you please tell that homeopathy can cure hernia or not??

  7. 22

    I had pain ang swelling on right testic and it nerve grow bigger and harder. I consult to homeo Dr. He said its hernia and i take his medicine for one month but it still remain. Can you suggest me more better words.? Thank you.

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      Life Force

      If it is correct diagnosis of a hernia then we don’t treat it. However Please share your contact details so one of our expert doctors can help you further or you may call us on 315-351-0898 or write to us

  8. 24

    Hi…i m suffering from lower abdomin on right side…none kind of pain yet ..but it dsnt looks good to watch… when i tried to push it back then it works…can it be cured without surgery

  9. 27
    Dr. Anshul kansal

    Who said that homoeopathy had no treatment…i cured around 25 cases of hernia by homoeopathy….only jholachap doctors says that there is no treatment

  10. 28

    I am 65 years old. I have Inguinal hernia in right side for the past 40 years or so. Initially the size was very small, almost invisible in open. But, now it has become big enough, almost to the size of a tennis ball, projecting into the bladder. I feel pain once in a while. However, I want to cure it without surgery. Will it be possible to cure it through homeopathy treatment? If so, please advise as to what to do. Thank you.


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