How a Homeopathic Treatment Helps You Combat Dandruff ?

Dandruff, itchy flakes are one of the most stubborn and common hair problems that cause dead skin cells/flakes to shed. Excessive shedding of cells is visible in the form of white/yellow/grey flakes, paired with itching, oily, and reddening of the skin. Severe shedding can sometimes cause small bumps on your face and forehead, which is embarrassing and difficult to treat.


Although various remedies are readily available to suppress the symptoms from the surface, a permanent and effective cure and medicine for dandruff and hair fall are particularly tough to determine. Dandruff often overlaps with various circumstances, so the reasons vary with the individuals. There can be many contributing factors to dandruff, such as

Internal factors:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Seasonal allergy
  • Excessive oil production
  • Diets and lifestyle
  • Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis

External factors:

  • Not brushing hair properly
  • Chemical-filled hair care products
  • Excessive use of hot iron, hair dryer
  • Season changes, especially in winter when the scalp dries out and causes flaking


Besides, there are several types of dandruff, each with a unique cause. Some of the types of dandruff that can make your scalp itch and flake are

  • Dry skin dandruff: Wherein flakes appear white or grey
  • Oily dandruff: Wherein flakes appear yellowish and sometimes can cause an unpleasant smell.
  • Fungus-related dandruff: Fungus attacks can trigger an inflammatory response and produce dandruff.
  • Psoriasis-related dandruff: Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes skin cells to grow and shed quickly. The skin may show silver powdery flakes and red-inflamed patches.
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis: Occurs in people with oily skin and can cause red scaly patches and itching.


While some can be treated easily with diet changes or changing hair care routines and home remedies, other types of dandruff may require prescription medications. It’s essential to identify which side you are falling in. The successful treatment for dandruff lies in the fact that it should not relapse with time. So how do you achieve that? It’s through identifying the cause of dandruff & then treating it and homeopathy that can help you do that. For effective treatment of dandruff, homeopathy has a great scope.

Dandruff treatment is holistic in nature, which means it provides the most specific treatment for this troublesome condition as it targets the root cause, not just the symptoms. Homeopathy medicines are prepared from the concentration of root extracts, herbs, and natural materials, which makes them safe and side-effect free.


It would be wise to consult an expert homeopathy doctor to identify the treatment option for long-lasting relief. They will help you rule out the conditions, guide you with proper treatment and offer you the best homeopathic medicine for dandruff and hair fall.


For treating dandruff, a well-planned and systematic treatment method is applied to promote the body’s natural healing capacity to make the scalp healthy, reduce the itchiness and restore the disturbed immune system to reduce the multiplication of cells and flaking.


Typical dandruff treatment in homeopathy starts with a homeopathic doctor identifying the patient’s symptoms while accounting for their personality, hereditary, emotional well-being & more. It may involve some physical examinations or tests to be done, in some severe cases biopsy too, to confirm the reason or any underlying conditions of the patient leading to dandruff.


After determining all the modalities of the patient and the root cause, a homeopathic treatment plan is suggested to them in small doses. Once the patient goes through and follows the Homeopathy treatment, their body’s innate capacity starts to heal and provides a permanent cure.


Some of the recommended homeopathy medicines to treat dandruff are:

  • Cochlearia Armoracia: Effective for every kind of dandruff.
  • Arnica: Improves scalp texture and relieves symptoms of itching and inflammation.
  • Kali Sulph: Effective in treating yellow flaking
  • Thuja: For treating white flakes and hair fall
  • Calcarea Sulph: Treats severe scaling and pimples caused by dandruff.
  • Phosphorous: For itchy scalp and hair fall.


These are the following ways patients receive homeopathy treatment and get treated for dandruff. Sometimes it can be two or all.


  • Homeopathic pills and drops: Homeopathic pills or powder are made of sugar pellets with a mild dose of medicine that gets dissolved on their own, whereas homeopathy drops are a little concentrated form of this medicine that require to be taken with water. The homeopathy medicines are specific to individuals, which makes them highly effective. As a result, different people with the same condition, in this case, dandruff, receive different treatments. Unlike conventional medicine, if specific homeopathy medications for dandruff get prescribed to one individual, they may not work with others. If you are dealing with dandruff, consult a doctor before consuming them.


  • Homeopathic shampoo: Depending on your scalp conditions, you may get advised for homeopathy shampoo. Homeopathy shampoos are different from traditional shampoos. These are made from natural herbal ingredients and medicines. They are mild and gentle on the scalp offering you complete hair solutions right from treating dandruff & fungal infections to controlling itching & flaking and making hair tangle-free, soft & shiny.
  • Homeopathy Oil: These oils are prepared from the right combination of homeopathic medicines to offer a holistic treatment for dandruff. It may help improve scalp texture, relieve symptoms of itching & inflammation, and prevent hair loss & promote the growth of hair.


A well-selected homeopathy remedy not only helps remove recurring dandruff and hair fall problems but gets to its root and treats it once and for all. Some of the efforts recommended at an individual level are to have a proper lifestyle routine and a well-balanced diet besides taking these medications. Try staying away from stress & chemical-filled hair care products, as they can trigger the symptoms. If you have a dry scalp, moisturize and keep it hydrated with oil and aloe vera gel to prevent it from further drying.


If you have been dealing with dandruff symptoms for a long time and trying to treat it on your own through home remedies, it’s time to take action before the condition worsens. Opt for homeopathic medicine for dandruff for a better, permanent, and safe cure.



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