Should I marry a boy or a girl having Vitiligo?

[lightbox full=””][/lightbox]Vitiligo is a skin disorder where the skin loses its color because of deficient production of the skin pigment called melanin or destruction of the melanin. It shows in the form of irregular white patches on the skin.

Young people in marriageable age having Vitiligo often suffer from social and cosmetic concerns, especially while selecting suitable life-partners. This is truer especially in brown skin people, as the white patches of vitiligo look more prominent in them.

There are many misconceptions in society about Vitiligo. The patients of Vitiligo themselves take a very long time to accept the disease and come to the terms.

If an unmarried girl or boy starts getting Vitiligo, the first hurdle he faces is in getting the marriage proposals, especially in those countries where arranged marriages are still more common.

As people are not aware about vitiligo and its causes, they feel scared of relating with the Vitiligo affected individuals. Most of the time they reject proposals of Vitiligo affected patients.

Though this article calls for more of a social issue than the medical issue, it is worthwhile to discuss it on this platform as there is lack of awareness in society about Vitiligo.

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As a doctor, I can say that there are many more diseases such as Diabetes mellitus type1, hypothyroidism, Alzheimer disease, breast cancer, and certain psychological disorders like depression and schizophrenia which cause major concern in the life of people and carry a major risk of running in the family. But, people are not concerned about these diseases and usually, patients having above diseases do not come across many hurdles in the way of marriage.

As a doctor, my role is to bring awareness and acceptance about Vitiligo affected individuals in the society. People must understand that Vitiligo is not a serious disease, it is not a significant or fatal disease. It does not spread by touch, kiss, eating from one plate or by physical relations. The disease creates a problem only at the cosmetic level.Read about the diet a Vitiligo patient should take.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force, has treated and documented more than 6000 cases of Vitiligo from 180 countries in last 30 years. He firmly believes that awareness needs to be brought in the society against Vitiligo by doctors.Life Force Homeopathy

Patients and relatives often approach us with the question if a boy or girl in the family should accept marriage proposal from a family where the boy/girl or some family member may be having vitiligo. Their concern is ‘passing of vitiligo’ to their children.

Some of the following points need to be understood:

  1. Vitiligo may run in family, just like diabetes, asthma, cancer, etc. However, it is not a rule that children of vitiligo parent will always have vitiligo. Relatively, the chance of the offspring having vitiligo may be somewhat higher if one or more of the parents have vitiligo.
  2. Vitiligo does not spread by touch or contact.
  3. It does not affect marriage life or physical relationship.

Adult and matured boy or girl has to take a conscious decision and it must be noted that vitiligo should not be given undue consideration while selecting life partner.

Read the precautions a Vitiligo patient must take

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      No, it is not a contagious disease. You can marry a girl with having vitiligo but there are chances of having vitiligo to your children.

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