About homeopathic shampoos and hair tonics

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Hair is a very essential part of one’s personality. Hairs offer a great cosmetic value for both men as well as women. Since decades both men and women have tried to look better and better by caring and trying to improve the length, quality, texture and volume of the hair by using different tactics. Today, people are suffering from a ... Read More »

Can homeopathy cure Hernia?


Some people approach homeopathic physicians for the treatment of hernia. Let us discuss in brief what is hernia before talking about its homeopathic treatment. Hernia is a condition where there is a protrusion of an organ down the cavity which holds it. Often, it is seen as a bulge beneath the skin on the body, on naked eye examination. Types ... Read More »

Skin care tips for Psoriasis


Psoriasis is a chronic and relapsing disorder of the skin characterized by severe itching with formation of scaly papules and plaques on the skin. Psoriasis is an immunological disease. The exact cause of developing psoriasis is not known. In this blog we will know about the skin care tips for psoriasis. Following tips will prove useful for the patients suffering ... Read More »

Vitiligo in children


Vitiligo in simple language means loss of normal skin color. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder characterized by either defective formation of skin pigment called melanin or destruction or complete loss of melanin pigment. It appears on the skin in the form of patches. Causes of Vitiligo: The exact cause of development of Vitiligo is not known but following factors are ... Read More »

Drugs that cause Oral Lichen Planus


Oral Lichen Planus means Lichen Planus of the mouth and the oral cavity. Oral Lichen Planus is a chronic, inflammatory condition which is non infectious in nature. It affects the mucous membrane of the mouth, tongue, inner side of the cheeks, gums and palate. Oral Lichen Planus is a very painful condition. There are number of causes of development of Oral ... Read More »

What are the diseases mistaken for Vitiligo?


Vitiligo is the disease of the skin characterized by loss of normal color of the skin. It shows in the form of white or pinkish irregular patches on the skin. Vitiligo can be seen on anywhere on the body like forearms, upper back, neck, face shoulders, shins etc. However, Vitiligo is not the only disease characterized by appearance of white patches ... Read More »

Homeopathy for dental problems


Dental problems are often associated with a lot of swelling, difficulty in eating and drinking and severe pain at the affected site. Homeopathy offers some wonderful medicines which help in managing the pain, bleeding and inflammation of the teeth, gums and oral cavity as a whole. Here is the list of most common dental problems which can be managed well ... Read More »

Medicines that cause Hair Loss


Hair loss is a very common problems found in both men and women. There are variety of factors responsible for the loss of hair. Certain drugs used for treating medical conditions in a patient can induce hair loss because of the effect of the drug. This kind of hair loss is termed as drug induced hair loss. Following drugs can ... Read More »

Homeopathy For unwanted hair growth (Hirsutism)


Some women may suffer from excessive and unwanted hair growth at different sites of the body like face, chin, upper lips, cheeks, chest, nipples and back. In other words females show a kind of hair growth which is similar to males. This is called as Hirsutism. Very often, then approach homeopaths for the cure of excessive hair. Causes of Hirsutism ... Read More »