Vitiligo in children

vitiligo in childrenVitiligo in simple language means loss of normal skin color. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder characterized by either defective formation of skin pigment called melanin or destruction or complete loss of melanin pigment. It appears on the skin in the form of patches.

Causes of Vitiligo: The exact cause of development of Vitiligo is not known but following factors are known to participate in the formation of Vitiligo in a person.

  • Genetic tendency
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Trauma
  • Occupational hazards

Causes of Vitiligo in children:

One of the most common causes of developing Vitiligo in children is the genetic factor. Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force has made an important observation through a study at Life Force that patients of Vitiligo have a strong genetic trait where his close family members like parents, grandparents, uncle, auntie or a sibling is suffering from one or more of following diseases.

  • Vitiligo
  • Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid)
  • Diabetes
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Cancer
  • Pernicious anemia

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Types of Vitiligo:Vitiligo is divided into two types.

Segmental Vitiligo: Segmental Vitiligo affects only one segment of the body that means only one side of face or a leg or an arm is affectedby Vitiligo. Segmental Vitiligo is most commonly seen in the children. More than half of the patients with segmental Vitiligo show patches of white hair on head, on an eyelash or on an eyebrow.

Non-segmental Vitiligo: It affects both the sides of the body such as legs, arms, knees etc.Life Force Homeopathy

Diagnosis of Vitiligo in children:

Diagnosis of Vitiligo is done by physical examination, medical history, and laboratory investigations.
Generally, a thorough examination by an expert is sufficient to diagnose the cause of Vitiligo. In some cases following measures are taken.

vitiligo diagnosis with Woods Lamp

Inspection of skin with Wood’s lamp by an expert

  • Laboratory tests like Thyroid Profile which includes finding out the levels of T3, T4, and TSH
  • In rare cases, biopsy of the skin is advised.

Is every white spot a Vitiligo?

The answer is a big “NO”. Some fungal infections like Tinea versicolor, Pityriasis Alba and Scleroderma also represent in the form of white patch on the body. To know more about diseases which are mistaken as vitiligo visit the link.. >>Read more<<

How should parents approach Vitiligo in children?

When any child is diagnosed with Vitiligo, the parents feel an extreme sense of shock and rejection. Obviously, it is tough for any parents to accept easily that their child suffers from Vitiligo but they have to be brave heart and instill confidence into their child suffering from Vitiligo. Following are the guidelines for the parents of children who are diagnosed having Vitiligo.

Accept the situation: Once as a parent you accept the disease, it will be easier for your child to face the society with confidence.

Do not try to hide the spots: Children are very sensitive and sharp. If you always insist on wearing clothes by which their Vitiligo spots are covered then it may produce a sense of inferiority complex in their minds. Rather allow them to wear whatever they want to.

Do not examine the spread of the disease often: This shows the restlessness and fear in the minds of parents about Vitiligo. This will make the child more conscious towards the disease. Rather, examine the spread of the disease strictly when the child is sleeping and only once in a month.

Can homeopathic medicines treat Vitiligo in children?

Homeopathic medicines are found useful in treating Vitiligo in children as well as adults. Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force has treated and documented over 6000 cases of Vitiligo across the continents in last 30 years of his practice. He observes that the Vitiligo in children can be treated very well with the help of homeopathic medicines.

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    Hi Dr.Rajesh,
    I’m a doctor in Sri Lanka. My 5 year daughter is diagnosed to have Vitiligo. I need your help in getting treatment for the problem.
    Thank you.

  2. 13

    Hi Dr.Rajesh,
    I’m a doctor in Sri Lanka. My 5 year daughter is diagnosed to have Vitiligo. I need your help in getting treatment for the problem.
    Thank you.

  3. 15

    Hello doctor,

    Am from Karnataka. My daughter has Vitiligo since 4 years. We are treating with homeopathy medicine but not helping in anyway. It is increasing day by day. We are worried. Pls help me in this.

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      Life Force

      Definitely, research-based Homeopathic medicines at Lifeforce can help your daughter. We at Lifeforce helped more than 7000 patients with vitiligo worldwide. Patented medicines of Dr. Shah helps in controlling the spread of Vitiligo by attempting to correct the immune system and further, it helps in melanin synthesis which gives normal color to the skin. As you stay in Karnataka you can opt for an online treatment wherein an account will be created for further communication where you can post photos of vitiligo affected areas for better evaluation each time. We will be happy to help your child. You can start the online treatment from here:

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      Life Force

      As per Dr. Shah’s experience after treating over 7000 patient of Vitiligo at lifeforce, Homeopathy can help your daughter as most of the vitiligo cases, however, it is hard to make the statement that Homeopathy can cure each and every case of Vitiligo permanently. Homeopathy works effectively in early cases of vitiligo especially those which are not widespread. Certain cases of Vitiligo where difficult areas of the body such fingertips, mucocutaneous junction, lips, corners of the mouth, corners of eyes and both sides of the body are involved, are difficult to treat. We would like to help your child. Please get in touch with us on 022-66888888 or you can also visit our website for further details

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    Indika Udayanganie

    Hello doctor,

    Am from Sri Lanka. My daughter has Vitiligo since 1 years. We are treating with herbal medicine but not helping in anyway. It is increasing day by day. We are worried. Please help me in this.

  5. 23

    My daughter is 6 and was diagnosed at 5. It’s spreading and I want to do everything I can to help her. Any info would be great thank you!

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      Life Force

      In order to guide you correctly for your query, we request you to provide your contact detail so one of our expert doctors will contact you or you may call us on + 91-22-66-888888 or write to us


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