Case-1: Homeopathy proved a helping hand, when every thing else had given up.

37 years old, Mrs. A. S. R. visited our center with her husband on 5th April 2011. Her Patient Identification Number is 15742. She was complaining of Crohn’s disease since past 4 years. The case details were given by her husband. She was having symptoms of recurrent loose stools which were partially under control with mesacol 400mg thrice a day. She was weighing 36 kgs. She had nausea and vomiting since 1 month, which would make her tired and weak. She was also taking naturopathic medications. She had taken other heavy medications like steroids, remicade and azathoprine in the past 4 years. Her main concern was the rectovaginal fistula, which had developed as a complication of Crohn’s disease. She would pass stools and gases from vagina. She was in deep trouble. The surgeons were helpless. They siad that since her Crohn’s disease was active there were limitations in treatment. Despite steroids, remicade and azathoprine, her Crohn’s was not under control. She was utterly helpless. They were told about Dr Rajesh Shah, and they saw him as their last hope. They came all the way from Kerela for treatment. All her details were taken.

Her appetite was diminished. She liked spicy food and disliked sweets. Her thirst was less. Her perspiration was scanty. She could not tolerate warm temperature. Her menses were regular. She was lean, thin and emaciated in appearance. Her sleep would be disturbed due to anxiety regarding her health. She would sleep on the left side.

She was a home maker. Her husband owned a supermarket with a partnership with an uncle in Qatar. Her elder daughter was studying in 11th standard. Her younger daughter was in the 3rd standard. She stayed alone with 2 children, while her husband was away.

She was anxious and reserved person. She was worrisome for her health. She was a loner since childhood, she did not have any friend. She would often sit in the dark and quiet. She liked to remain silent. She was intelligent in childhood, but could not study after 5th standard. She had good memory and scientific knowledge, but does not use it as she feels shy and embarrassed to talk to anyone. She was staying in India for her children's education. Her husband lived in Qatar.

She had operated for piles 10 years back. She had been operated for fibrin plug in 2010 which failed.

Her investigation reports were positive for crohn’s disease.

She was prescribed Carcinosin 200c and Sepia 30c along with a research based medicine by Dr. Shah.

Her husband reported on 30th May, 2011 with no improvement in her complaints of Crohn’s disease. Her case was reviewed and prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

Her husband visited on 1st August, 2011 and reported mild improvement in her vomiting and nausea. The stool frequency was now once a day, but her appetite was same. Her case was reviewed and Magnesium Carbonica 200c was given along with few research based medicines.

Her husband reported on 19th October 2011 with considerable improvement in her Crohn’s disease. The urging for stool was reduced. The rectovaginal fistula did not find any improvement. The passing of stools and gases from vagina were same. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and medicines were prescribed. Dr Shah prescribed Lachesis 200c.

She visited with her husband on 20th February, 2012. The Crohn’s disease had improved further. The stools were passed once/day and the urging to pass stools was less. Appetite and sleep had improved. The rectovaginal fistula did not find any improvement.

Her husband reported on 28th April, 2012 with further improvement in her Crohn’s disease. There was considerable control on passing motions. The frequency was once a day. Her prescription was enhanced after a detailed case analysis by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 30th August, 2012 with significant control in her Crohn’s disease. Her appetite and sleep had improved further. The passing of stools and gas from vagina had reduced. Dr. Shah reviewed her case and upgraded her prescription.

She reported on 21st December, 2012 with further improvement in her Crohn’s disease and rectovaginal fistula. The stools were well formed and once a day. There was no burning pain. Dr. Shah prescribed the medicine based on the feedback.

She reported along with her husband on 5th March, 2013 with overall 50% relief in her complaints. The Crohn’s disease was well under control and the mesacol dose was reduced to 400mg twice a day as compared to thrice a day. She would pass stools from fistula if they would be loose, otherwise not. She reported closure in the fistula by 50 %.

She will be under treatment till she recovers completely. Homeopathy proved a helping hand for her, when every one else had given up.

Uploaded ob 4th April 2013 by Dr. M.N.P

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