A 33-Year-Old Lady Got Treated Successfully For Urticaria With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 33-year-old lady, Miss D. S. (PIN: 36869) came to Life Force for the treatment of her Urticaria on 19th May 2018. She was suffering from the disease for 7-8 months. The frequency of its episodes was almost twice a week, and the episode used to last for 2-3 hours. Papular erythematous eruptions were present on her body along with severe heat sensation in the affected areas. She used to experience severe itching all over the body during the episode. The swelling of the lips, face, and around the eyes was also present. She had to take antihistamines every time during the episodes. Also, she had taken injections of steroids in the past. Her urticaria used to get aggravated by eating sour food, street food, tomatoes, and at midnight around 2-3 a.m.

She had associated complaints of weakness, Fungal infection, and Acidity.

In her family, her father had Diabetes mellitus, and her mother was Hypertensive.

The patient had suffered from Urinary Tract infections and stomach infections in the past and had undergone Rhinoplasty too.

The patient was following a mixed diet comprising both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Her appetite was not much. She had a craving for Paneer. Her thirst and perspiration were average. She was sensitive to the cold. Her bowels were satisfactory. Her menses were regular, although she used to have a Dysmenorrhoea during the menses. She used to enjoy a good sleep.

She was an anchor and used to host occasions. Her brother was a student, and her mother was a homemaker. Her father had died.

By nature, she was active, calm, and composed. She used to do things in a hurry. She always liked to put things in the proper place. She also liked to travel to natural places.
Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient. The patient experienced very good results in a short period. The follow-ups are mentioned below.

When the patient gave the first follow-up was in July 2018, the patient had shown 50% improvement just with 1st batch of medicines. The frequency of the episode had reduced to once in a month. She had experienced an immense relief in the heat sensation and itching. Her relief in the swelling was also a lot better. She was taking antihistamines twice in 1.5 months.
In August 2018, the patient’s relief in all her symptoms was better by almost 70%.

In October 2018, there was further improvement in her relief in all the symptoms. The severity of the disease had reduced to a great extent.

In November 2018, the patient was better by 80%. The frequency and duration of her episode both had reduced.

In February 2019, the patient’s relief in urticaria was almost better by 85%. The intensity of the disease had reduced a lot. Its frequency and duration were also reduced greatly. The patient was very happy with the treatment. She was no more dependent on the Antihistamines now.

Urticaria is an allergic reaction of the body towards certain allergens. This case illustrates that Homeopathy helps in treating the disease by reducing the frequency, duration, and severity of urticaria incredibly and safely without any side effects. It also helps to reduce and eliminate the dependency on Antihistamines.

-Written by Dr. Garima Pancholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD) Hom.


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