Extensive Lichen Planus eruptions on hands, abdomen, back and thighs with intolerable itching which were considered as incurable.

This is a case of a 35 yr old lady (Patient Pin No: L- 6251) residing in the UAE. This lady came to the clinic for the treatment of Lichen Planus since the past 2 months. She had extensive eruptions on her hands, abdomen, thighs as well as her back. She complained of immense itching which was worse when she wore tight fitting clothing.

Her personality: She used to talk very less. That’s the reason why the things get bottled up in her mind. She revealed that whatever is disturbing her can’t be sent out. She said she did not like to share things with others.

She had co-ordinal relations with Husband and mother in law. Husband is suspicious is she talks to any other guy. She feels angry and insulted because of his husband’s attitude. These feelings of hers were unexpressed to anyone.

She was stressed about her skin ailment. And also she was stressed because of her kids as they were too mischievous and she had to take care of them throughout the day.

Personal details: This lady was obese by the constitution.

She had marked craving for hot and spicy food. She also loved to have pickles. She did not like milk at all. She had aversion to the smell and taste of milk as well

She used to perspire mainly on the palms and soles. She was comfortable in cold weather.

Her family set up: She lived with her Husband (who had a business of selling Computers). She had two kids, daughter (5 ½ yr) old and Son (11 yr old). Her cousin sister and her mother in law also lived with her.

Her family history: Her father had Eczema. Her mother was a known Diabetic and had rectal cancer. Her younger brother had Epilepsy. Her maternal Aunt had IHD. Her other maternal aunt had Diabetes as well.

Past medication: She started with Ayurvedic treatment which she took only for a few days.

Current medication: She was taking antihistaminic 1 tablet at night for a couple of weeks.

Investigations done: She was advised to do a biopsy of her skin which showed that she had Hypertrophic Lichen Planus.

Follow up details: Considering her case details, she was prescribed Homoeopathic remedy Thuja in the 200 the potency of 09.02.05. She reported to us on 14.02.05 wherein she complained of immense itching which disturbed her sleep at night. She was given homeopathic drugs to control itching to be taken in association with the antihistaminics that she was taking.

After a period of 4 months, she reported that the healing of the skin eruptions had commenced and the itching was remarkably less. Base her feedback some required changes were made in her line of treatment and the further batch of medicines was dispatched to her for the next 4 months.

After these medicines were used by her for a period of 8 months altogether, she reported that the skin condition had improved further and the eruptions have now flattened as compared to what they were when she had started with the treatment. She had no itching whatsoever. Also, more importantly, she was able to discontinue her antihistaminics completely and was off these medicines for the past 2-3 months. Moreover, no new eruptions were reported by her.

She was asked to continue the treatment uninterruptedly.

On 19.04.06 she reportedly to the clinic personally. On the examination of her skin, there were no active skin lesions anywhere on her body. There were only hyperpigmented marks left behind post the healing of the Lichen Planus eruptions. Also, there were no new eruptions coming up which indicated that the medication was able to halt the further progress of the disease.

She is now given medicines which are focused to treat the hyperpigmentation and it is expected that these marks would fade away completely and she would have a completely normal skin.

Remarks: This case says that this obstinate skin ailment “Lichen Planus” which was regarded as incurable by the conventional line of treatment since years together, can be cured completely using homeopathic medicines at the root level.

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