Homeopathy Succeeds In Treating Recurrent Malaria Effectively In A Short Time

28-years-old Renowned Jain monk Mr. J.S (Patient Identification Number 29309) was suffering from recurrent malaria since three years. He used to suffer from episodes of it every 2.5 months. He had suffered from malaria five times in a year (Over 25 times in the last 3 years), dengue 1-2 times a year, and fever for continuous three years.

His case was taken over the phone on 20 July 2016, during the episode when he was suffering from malaria since 10 days and was on conventional medicines like anti-malarial tablets, some multivitamins, and electral powder for weakness. Having symptoms of rigors ++(covering 3 blankets), profuse perspiration especially on back and chest, high temperature of about 105, along with body ache, headache, and weakness to such an extent that patient was unable to stand, talk, or walk properly. He also suffered from numbness in the lower extremities. He used to feel better only after having rest. His thirst was considerably decreased. He had no nausea and vomiting complaints.

Patient had done investigation on 16 June 2016 and the interpretation is as follows;

Complete blood count was within normal limits but P. VIVEX- positive

The patient was advised to reinvestigate and some investigations were also added to address the recurrence of infection and weakness.

The reports (21/07/16) showed calcium and vitamin D deficiency, high T4 level of Thyroid, and HBA1C markers on the lower side.

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Depending upon the deficiencies, the patient was advised to take Tab-Gemcal once a day for 3 months and Tab- Uprise D3 60k once a week for 8 weeks to rule out the deficiency, as homeopathy doesn’t offer the supplements for deficiencies. Dietary guidance was also given to the patient.

He was educated regarding the ways of prevention and methods of precaution to control and combat malaria

Physical Generals:

He had a normal vegetarian diet with a specific liking for spicy food. He was thirstless during the episode otherwise he had average thirst. He would perspire on his face and back but, in general, he was very sensitive to cold weather. His bowels and bladder movements were regular. He had sound sleep and he preferred left side to sleep.

Past history: He had suffered from jaundice and right forearm accident 10 years back, and he had undergone splint implantation.

Family history: His father was diabetic and mother was not having any illness.

His family consisted of his parents. His father was retired and mother was a homemaker. He is a Jain Priest. He has an exceptional ability to process 500 events at the same time. He is a Renowned Jain monk.

Dr. Shah went through the entire case and analyzed the case thoroughly. On the basis of analysis, Dr. Shah prescribed him one of the research-based medicines for 1.5 months to address the recurrence of malaria as well as weakness

On 22nd Sept 2016, feedback was given by his Bhakts in the conference. He mentioned that the patient is currently having no episode of fever and he is symptomatically better. No more complaints.

On 14th October 2016, feedback was given by his Bhakts in a conference. He mentioned that patient is currently having no episode of fever and symptomatically better. Weakness was also reduced.

On 17th Feb 2017, feedback was given by his Bhakts in a conference. He mentioned that patient is currently having no episode of fever and feeling symptomatically better. No more complaints. He had no episode of fever since July 2016.

The case suggests a few important points:

1. Efficacy of homeopathy in recurrent infections.

2. There is a scope of research and development in the field of homeopathy to know what exactly is curable or treatable in a disease.

This case shows us that homeopathy works miraculously in curing recurrent infections which are not completely ruled out with conventional line of treatment. Peoples do not even think of homeopathy to get themselves treated when suffering from such kind of infectious diseases, but now it’s time to change the traditional way of thinking as Homeopathy Science thinks beyond the boundaries of virus, bacteria (which are the base of treatment of conventional science) etc to help eradicate such recurrent tendencies from its root.


- Written by Dr. Dhanashree, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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