A Young Engineering Student Relieved Of Anxiety Neurosis With Life Force Treatment

20-years-old Engineering student, who is a resident of Karnataka, Mr. BRK (PIN 26598) started treatment with LifeForce homeopathy in August 2015 for his complaints of Anxiety neurosis.

7-8 months before starting treatment at LifeForce, he suffered from the complaints of uncontrolled anger. He used to get angry when something happened to his principles or views. Anything unethical or anti-national would make him angry. He used to lose his control when angry. During his discussions with his family members, when parents would differ with his views he used to get annoyed and impulsive. He used to argue or used to leave the place. He would land up in frequent arguments due to uncontrolled anger. After the episode of anger, he used to feel guilty and would apologize for his behavior. He had an anxious personality, and he used to get nervous before an important event or meeting. His sleep was disturbed.

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He had associated complaints of hair fall with thinning of hair, and he was following the treatment from LifeForce for the same.

He suffered from Irritable bowel syndrome when he was 10-years-old and got it treated at LifeForce.

His paternal grandparents had diabetes. His paternal grandfather had cancer. His father had male pattern baldness.

He would prefer both vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets. He had more tolerance to cold than hot weather. He would perspire excessively in hot weather. He would drink adequate water.

He was calm and anxious by nature. He used to get nervous before an important event or meeting. He was a very sensitive person, and he used to feel bad and get anxious easily. As he was away from his family staying in a hostel for his studies, he used to feel lonely sometimes.

With all these details, Dr. Shah analyzed the case and prescribed Nux vomica 30 and Ferrum Metalicum 200.

After two months of treatment in October 2015, the patient reported around 10%-15% improvement in relief from anxiety neurosis. The frequency of sudden anger episodes was the same, but the intensity was slightly reduced. There was an improvement in his sleep as well. After going through the follow-up, Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines.

In January 2016, the patient reported an 80% improvement in his relief from anxiety neurosis. The anger episodes were less. He was able to control his temper. Parents reported that now he can face the arguments and can handle negative comments very well. He started participating in healthy discussions. His anxiety was also in control. There was a 100% improvement in sleeplessness. Now, his sleep was sound. He continued the medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah.

In March 2016, there was a 90% improvement in recovery from all his complaints. Excluding 2-3 small episodes of anger, he was absolutely fine. In these episodes, he could control his anger and could communicate with the opposite person. Now, his anxiety was less and he was more confident in facing new situations. His sleep was absolutely sound. Dr. Shah prescribed the medicines after analyzing the follow-up.

In August 2016, the patient was completely free from anger, uncontrolled high temper, and frequent arguments. He could participate in the discussion in a healthy way in spite of anyone opposing his views. He was free from anxiety as well. He could live his life peacefully.

During subsequent follow-ups in November 2016 and February 2017, he was absolutely fine without any episode of anger, anxiety, or high temper. His sleep was sound, and his quality of life had improved significantly. Mr. BRK is very happy with the treatment received at LifeForce, and still, he continues treatment at LifeForce for his hair fall and thinning of hair.


This case highlights the vital role of homeopathy in cases of psychological diseases. Without any side effects, homeopathic medicines can improve the quality of life of a person.

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