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Case-7: Homeopathy Succeeds In Treating Enduring PCOD Of Many Years In Just 1 Year

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Mrs V M (PIN - 27173) visited Life Force Homeopathy, Chembur branch on 28th October 2015 with complaints of PCOD, arthritis, vertigo, and hair fall. She complained delayed menstrual cycles, right from the first time she got her periods at the age of 13 years, with menses coming once in 45 to 60 days. Her last menses came on 24th of August 2015. The flow used to be adequate on the first day, but very less on the second and third day. She had thick facial hair (one of the presenting symptoms of PCOD). She used to suffer from typical pre-menstrual symptoms, such as irritability, frustration, bloating of abdomen, and another discomfort. In the past, she had problems in conceiving due to PCOD. She took IUI (fertility) treatment but that too failed and she aborted in 3 months. She had taken hormonal treatment for PCOD in the past for 5 years, without any relief.

Other than PCOD, she complained joint pain in fingers, shoulders, elbows, and wrists since last five years. She used to suffer from stiffness and swelling in fingers in the morning. The pain would characteristically be worse in the morning, in winters, and monsoons, and it used to subside as she would continue with her daily chores.

She was a vegetarian by diet, with a moderate liking for sweets and spicy food. She had profuse, generalized perspiration with a marked sensitivity to heat.

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In her family, there was a marked history of Diabetes with her mother and 2 of her sisters suffering from it. Father had under active thyroid and Lichen planus pigmentosus.

Her family consisted of her husband and her 3-years-old daughter. She was a homemaker post marriage, and her husband had business of retail and wholesale of linen fabric in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

When she was asked to describe herself, she called herself “short tempered, ambitious, and straightforward”. These three words described her. In case taking, she was quite confident, sweet, and extrovert. Stress was only pertaining to her inter-personal relation (IPR) with her mother-in-law, otherwise, her IPR with husband was good.

After studying her case thoroughly, Dr Shah advised her to get a fresh USG pelvis done, since the report she had got was done eight years ago (not brought to the clinic in the first visit)

He prescribed her two doses of Sepia 30 and one of his research-based medicines for 6 weeks. He advised a couple of blood tests to know her nutritional status. Also, Dr. Shah clearly informed her that the facial hair will not reduce with the medicines.

After three months of treatment, she visited on 2nd January 2016. She informed that she menstruated on 5/12/15 (before that, she had it on 24/8/15). Her associated relief from the complaints of arthritis and vertigo were better by almost 100%. She was reassured and advised to continue the medicines.

She also presented her latest USG report which read as under:

USG Pelvis (23/11/15): Mild enlargement of both ovaries with multiple small follicles
- right ovary - 12.5 cc
- Left ovary - 17.44 cc
- endometrial echo is 7mm thick

In the next follow-up, she got her cycles in 32 days, i.e. on 7/1/16, (for the first time since menarche) without any hormonal pills!

In February 2016, the patient’s cycles got delayed. And, just out of curiosity, she got her urine pregnancy test and that turned out to be positive! The couple did not want a child so they got it aborted with some contraceptive pills. She was advised to keep her diet regular and was prescribed calcium and iron supplements as well.

In her subsequent follow-ups in May 2016, July 2016, and September 2016, her menstrual cycle got absolutely regular and the flow had also improved. The intensity of the premenstrual symptoms also reduced significantly. She also lost weight with diet and regimen.

As was advised, she got her USG pelvis repeated, and the report was as under:

USG Pelvis (31/8/16) - Mild enlargement of both ovaries with multiple small follicles
- right ovary - 5.50 cc
- Left ovary - 7.44 cc
- endometrial echo is 3mm thick

As compared to previous USG, there is marked reduction in the size of the ovaries.

The patient reported again on 29th November 2017, with complete recovery and normal ulgtra sound. Her treatment was concluded. 


Mrs. V M is now an ardent follower of homeopathy. Her speedy recovery in just one year of homeopathic treatment helped her trust homeopathy for treating such chronic problem which she suffered since her adolescence. She continues treatment at Life Force for her associated complaints of joint pain, constipation, and other health concerns.

PCOD is a very common disease affecting women today. As per the statistics, 1 in every 10 women of reproductive age has PCOD. There is actually no need of hormonal treatment, metformin, etc to regularize menses in the most cases of PCOD. Like in this case, not just the menses got normal, but her fertility improved as well.


-- Written by Dr. Amrita, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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