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71-year-old Prostate Cancer Patient Got A Great Relief With Life Force Homeopathy Treatment

A 71-year-old male patient Mr. M.A. (Pin no:28968) from Kolhapur was detected with Prostate Cancer in 2015. He started treatment with LifeForce Homeopathy on 13th June 2016.

He had complaints of a backache, stiffness in lower back, weakness in lower limb, burning in soles, difficulty in urination, loss of appetite, nausea, & frequent loose motions

His PSA reports were 191.16 ng/ ml raised (15/2/16) & MRI suggestive of Prostate cancer with metastasis in the lumbar spine area.

His case history was narrated by his son, as he was unable to walk or sit for long hours.

His son mentioned that his father has done a lot of hard work in the past & had a tiring stressful job of machine operator in a factory. The patient is currently retired & homebound due to his illness.

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After starting treatment for Prostate Cancer with LifeForce Homeopathy he got significant relief.

He was having conventional medicines for cancer, like methylprednisolone, along with homeopathic treatment.

After studying his detail case study, he was prescribed Conium 30.

In the first follow-up in July 2016, the patient was relieved of the pain by 10 %. But, his PSA values had increased to 5144 ng/ ml. The case was reviewed by Dr. Shah & researched based molecules were prescribed.

At the end of just 3 months, his relief from complaints was 30% better. His loose motions had stopped, nausea had stopped, & food intake had improved. Also, his relief from a backache & weakness in lower limbs had improved, and now he was able to sit for longer duration in a chair.

In just 9 months time, he got amazing results with Homeopathy. He last reported in March 2017 with nearly 50% improvement with PSA levels lowered to1345.5 ng/ml. He is still continuing treatment with Life Force for further relief.


Homeopathic treatment provides amazing positive results and a great relief from the symptoms and discomfort resulting due to the prostate cancer.

- Written by Dr. Chaitali, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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