A 5-Years-Old Kid Recovered From Asthma By Gaining Weight With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 5-years-old boy from the interior part of Maharashtra State in India, Master R.S.G. (PIN 11503) reported at Life Force with his parents and a paternal uncle in December 2008. He was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis for 1 year. His acute episodes would start with cold, running nose, dry cough, and then would lead to the breathlessness. He would also get nausea and vomiting along with the episodes of breathlessness.

The frequency of the episode was once in a month and it would last for 4-5 days. His episodes were more frequent in the rainy season. During the acute episodes, he would feel better after vomiting. Every time he would fall ill, he was subjected to allopathic medicines in the form of antibiotics and nebulizers.

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The patient’s mother’s prime concern was ‘My son is not gaining weight.’ His mother was concerned about his average appetite and weight. She reported that, because of the disease and its conventional medicines, he was not able to gain weight. He just weighed 17 kilograms and he had not gained weight for the last 2 years. (ideally, he should have weighed around 22 kilograms)

Personal Details:

The patient was a playful child with good bonding with his friends. He would happily share his toys with his friends. Often, he would turn short-tempered if his wishes were not fulfilled. He had a very good memory related to academics. The patient used to have an average intake of water and food with an excessive craving for the milk and spicy food.

Family & Personal History Of Medical Illness:

There was a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and hypothyroidism. The patient never had any major illness in his past.

At Life Force:

The patient’s case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah, and he was given constitutional medicines in the first week of December 2008. 

In the last week of January 2009, the parents of the patient reported over the phone that the patient did not have an episode of cold, cough, or breathlessness in 2 months and that they had stopped all his conventional treatment.

With a gradual recovery of the patient in the subsequent follow-ups, his parents visited personally in May 2009 to report that Asthmatic Bronchitis complaints of the patient were better by more than 80%. He had just one episode of a cough in the last 6 months and the intensity was less than 80 % as compared to earlier. He did not have nausea and vomiting.

“My child is gaining weight now”, said the patient’s mother.
The patient’s mother was very happy, and she said that his appetite has improved. On examination, there was an increase in weight of the patient by 2 kilograms.


Homeopathy enhances the self-healing mechanism of the body and simultaneously shows a positive effect on various functions of the body. This case verifies the fact that the child recovered wonderfully from his Asthmatic Bronchitis, and he also gained a proper appetite. The child had not gained weight in the last 12 months, however, with the proper Homeopathic treatment, there was an overall improvement with the restoration in health and a normal weight gain.

- Written by Dr. PAD, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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