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A 10-Years-Old Girl Recovers From Molluscum Contagiosa In A Very Short Span With Life Force Homeopathy Treatment

10-years-old girl, Miss T.S.J. (Pin no-30175) came to Life Force for the treatment of Molluscum Contagiosa on 27th October 2016. She had developed Molluscum on her face and the right buttock since 3 months. She was brought to the center by her parents.

Besides Molluscum, she was also suffering from hair fall since 1 month, urticaria since 10 months, & learning disabilities since 2 years. Her urticaria spots appeared daily after taking the bath.

Her appetite was average. She was non-vegetarian. She was fond of chocolates. She disliked sweet. Her thirst was normal. Her perspiration was below average. Her motion & urine were normal. Her sleep was sound, but she used to talk in sleep. She was not tolerant to the heat.

She was stubborn in nature. Also, she was impulsive & impatient. She had the fear of ghost and being alone. She was weak in studies and couldn’t concentrate. She was emotionally weak so wept easily.

Her father was a senior consultant in a company, and her mother was a homemaker.  She was the single child.

After going through her detailed case history, she was prescribed the medicine on the basis of totality of symptoms.

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She had given her first follow-up on 26th November 2016. She reported a slight reduction in the size of the Molluscum. And, more than 70% improvement was observed in urticaria.

In her follow-up on 30th March 2017, her condition had improved significantly. She reported complete recovery in her face spots and more than 75% improvement was seen on rt. buttock.

She is still continuing her medicine for further improvement.


This case shows that a well reported case, a detailed case analysis, and the correct selection of homeopathic medicine can show very good results in a short span of time.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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