A 36 years aged man Mr. C.R.P [PIN 6323] reported to the center for the treatment of Lichen Planus.

A 36 years aged man Mr. C.R.P [PIN 6323] reported to the center for the treatment of Lichen Planus.

He was treated for LP around 10 years ago. The LP had relapsed since the past 2-3 months.

He had extensive lesions all over the body.

He was absolutely disease free for the past 10 years.

However he was under considerable stress since the last six months.

This was the time that the LP triggered.

lichen planus on body

He took some treatment form a local doctor and then came back to Life Force.

His previous case records were available.

Some details were collected afresh.

He headed a very big FMCG manufacturing company.

His father had retired and he had taken over.

He was facing stress managing such a big company. Old trusted aides had retired and he had to depend on new people. His father had shifted to an ashram and lived a retired life.

lichen planus on body

Patient was also facing a few court cases.

All this had put a lot of stress and he underwent anxiety, anger, frustration and some times brief episodes of panic.

The Lichen Planus had increased very significantly in the last few months. He had severe burning and itching. He had become very restless and fidgety.

He could not sit properly, he could not sleep properly. He had become very irritable due to the disease.

He wanted to be in the cold environment, he could not beat the sun or the heat.

His father had also suffered from L.P. and was cured by Dr Shah.

Dr Shah examined the patient and prescribed Arsenic Iod 30 C.

The skin lesions started to reduce in 3-4 weeks. In eight months, there was a reduction in the LP by 20 %.

In the next eight weeks, the skin lesions had started to dry up and flatten.

By four months there was a relief by 50 %. In the next eight weeks, there was relief by 80 %. By eight moths, there was a complete recovery.

All the active spots had healed. The skin had turned plain.

This was the second time; Homeopathy had come to his rescue.

A very severe and inflamed skin condition was completely cured with Homeopathy.

Uploaded on 12th November 2011 by Dr Anand Pandit

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