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Recurrent Allergies treated safely with Homeopathy

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A 22-years-old young fair lady, Mrs. SVS (PIN 28813 ), who was a model by profession, visited Life Force’s Lokhandwala branch on 26th May 2016.

She was suffering from recurrent episodes of Allergic Bronchitis & Sinusitis for one year. She had frequent episodes of sneezing, cough, dyspnoea, & headaches.

She was taking heavy doses of antibiotics, anti-histamines, & Salbutamol treatment

She also had the complaint of acne for 5 years & hair fall for 1 year.

She had an average stature. She was consuming a vegetarian diet. Her appetite & thirst had diminished gradually. She had strong cravings for sweets and milk. She used to pass satisfactory stools every day. She had disturbed sleep.

She had 1 episode of Malaria & Typhoid 3 months ago & Cerebral Haemorrhage in April 2015

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Her mother suffered from Cerebral Tumour, Diabetes Mellitus, & Hypertension, & her sister had frequent episodes of Allergic Rhinitis

She had a sensitive temperament and she couldn’t see anyone in troublesome situations even though they had betrayed her earlier. She liked traveling, and she was a nature lover.

With all these case details, Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed her one of the research-based medicines for six weeks.

After 6 weeks of treatment on 8th July 2016, when she visited us for the first follow-up, her episodes of sneezing, cough, dyspnoea, & headaches had decreased gradually.

After 6 months of treatment, when she visited us on 10th December 2016, her relief from the complaints was better by 70 %.

After 12 months of treatment, when she visited us on 30 April 2017, she had no episode of Allergic Bronchitis & sinusitis since 1 month. Her complaints of acne & hair fall also improved gradually with homeopathic treatment.


This case study highlights that homeopathic medicines enhance the body's self-healing mechanism in treating allergic conditions, thereby increasing the resistance and immunity of the patient effectively.

(Written by Dr. Karishma, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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