Case-3: Sinusitis, frequent colds and postnasal drip completely relieved with Dr. Shah's homeopathy

Sinusitis and coldsFourteen years old Ms. S. K. (Patient Identification Number-13155) visited Life Force on 9th January 2010. She was suffering from frequent cold and cough with fever. Due to cold her nose was obstructed which resulted in sinusitis. She was suffering from this since four years on and off. Her complaints used to recur once in 2 months, which lasted for a week. She also complained of postnasal drip, which caused nausea. Her complaints used to increase when she consumed any cold drink or cold food or during winters or change of weather. Her studies were disburden due to such episodes of frequent colds and sinusitis.

She was a vegetarian and her appetite was diminished due to her complaint. She liked eating spicy food. Her bowel movements and urine were normal. Her sleep was sound. She perspired profusely. She preferred cold weather.

She was studying in class eight in an international school. Her father was CEO of reputed company. Her mother was a consultant in behavioral science.
She was independent and short tempered by nature. She occasionally had trifles with grandparents who used to upset her but she never used to answer back as she knew it would hurt her parents. She was conscious about her image in school. She was very confidant, a good orator and a dancer. Whenever she used to have trifles with her friends it used to upset her a lot.

Her mother was suffering from allergic rhinitis and photosensitivity. Her grandparents were suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research-based medication after studying her case in detail.

She reported on 11th March 2010. She had no improvement in her symptoms.

She reported on 2nd April 2010 with same complaints. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in her prescription.

She reported on 12th May 2010. She was glad to report around 80% improvement. The frequency of her cold and cough with sinusitis had reduced. The intensity had reduced around 80%. She had no complaints of postnasal drip and nausea. Her appetite was average.

She reported after one year on 1st October 2011. She had abruptly stopped medication, as she was completely relieved. She had similar complaints. She complained of from frequent cold and cough with fever. Due to cold her nose was obstructed which resulted in sinusitis She reported around 50% improvement on 31st January 2012. She reported over telephone that she was completely relieved.

It's been two years and she is still there is no recurrence with Dr. Shah's homeopathy.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 18th March 2014.

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