Fibroadenoma Resolved Completely With Homeopathy

A 35-years-old female, Mrs. LP (Patient identification number:29597) visited the Life Force’s clinic on 25th August 2016 with the complaint of Fibroadenoma in the right breast since 2012. The bilateral Mammography revealed: A 7 x 6 x 3 mm sized well-defined oval hypo-echoic lesion in the upper outer quadrant of the Right Breast at 10’ 0 clock position suggestive of Fibroadenoma BIRADS II Category. The pain due to Fibroadenoma used to get worse during her menses.

In addition to this, she was suffering from the complaints of anxiety disorder, cervical spondylitis, stress-induced headache, and hair fall.

She was a highly anxious lady having tremendous fear of disease and fear of cancer. Even when she used to suffer from simple cold, it used to trigger her panic attack and she used to search the things on Google. She was afraid of being suffering from a Grave disease. With the panic attack, she used to have profuse perspiration, palpitation with aversion for company and she preferred to stay alone. The frequency of a headache was once or twice in a week which was triggered most of the times due her anxiety, stress and the exposure to Sun.

Her appetite had reduced relatively. She had craving for sweets, chocolates, and had strong aversion for sour things. Her thirst was normal. She was having perspiration particularly on her soles and palms which used to be offensive. There was a marked intolerance for heat, and she would feel better in cooler places. Her bowel and bladder functions were normal.

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She is a housewife. Her husband is working in a Pharma company. She has two daughters. She stays with her in-laws in harmony.

There was a strong family history of hypertension, cancer, renal failure, and underactive thyroid.

Based on the history and case details, she was given constitutional medicine and specific medicines researched at Life Force Center for the treatment of Fibroadenoma.

Six weeks after the treatment i.e. on 5th October 2016, when she came for the first follow-up, there was not a significant change in her pain due to Fibroadenoma, but her rest of the complaints showed a slight improvement. Her intensity of panic attacks was reduced and headache was reduced by 30%.

With the further continuation of the treatment, her pain due to Fibroadenoma was reduced by almost 25%. On 26th December 2016, her relief from pain due to Fibroadenoma was almost 50% better. Her relief from anxiety disorder was almost 60% better. Also, there was a marked improvement in her relief from a headache, hair fall, and cervical spondylitis complaints.

Persistently, she showed improvement in her complaints and health conditions. In the subsequent follow-ups, her pain in the right breast was almost gone.

She was advised to get her Mammography test repeated as she was asymptomatic means there was no any pain due to Fibroadenoma. So, to compare the size of Fibroadenoma, the test was suggested.

On 24th April 2017, the Mammography was done which showed her Fibroadenoma was completely resolved, the report is completely normal.

Following is the report: Sonography of Both Breasts

No Focal solid or cystic lesion seen. No any evidence of any significant axillary lymphadenopathy on either side. Conclusion: No significant abnormality detected.



This is how the wonder of homeopathy is seen and clear again and again. The surgery can be avoided in such Benign (Non-Cancer) tumors when the properly selected homeopathic medicines are given.


  • Written by Dr. Mithila, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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