47 year old patient, discovered accidentally that he had Hepatitis–C in 2005 during the blood test for life insurance company

47 year old male patient, Mr. V. D. (Patient ref. no.: 2623), discovered accidentally that he had Hepatitis– C in 2005 during the blood test for life insurance company. At this time, his viral load was 23,000,000 IU/ML. Genotype of the virus was 1. Liver biopsy showed minimal damage to the liver-stage 1 out of 4, minimal fibrosis. Was advised interferon/ribavirin treatment, but declined. His AST/ALT fluctuated from completely normal to high, but he was asymptomatic. He had a flareup for 3 weeks. In February 2009 he had another check up. Viral load at this time was 1,791,040 IU/ML. Liver ultrasound showed diffuse changes in the liver and mild splenomegaly. In November of 2008 his hepatitis started getting worse. He experienced an episode of intense itching that got much worse at night; had dark urine and light-colored stool; indigestion/`raw stomach`. This lasted for about 3 weeks and then stopped. Viral load at this time was 1,791,040 IU/ML.

He had congenital pyloric stenosis as a baby, for which surgery was done. At the age of 11 he had surgery for undescended testicle. There was another surgery at the age of 40 to correct deviated nasal septum, which was not successful. He frequently suffers from athlete`s foot. He had severe eczema on his hands for 5 years. It was completely cured by homeopathic treatment when he was 39.
He has family history of prostate cancer. Both father and grandfather had it. His father also has history of nasal and skin allergies, and hypertension. Mother has a history of high cholesterol, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and chronic severe insomnia. There was no family history of liver disease.

He had average appetite with craving for semi-sweet foods, chicken, pasta with garlic, rice. He was thin with average height. He did not have any problem with bowel and bladder functions or his sleep. His thirst, perspiration were normal. He prefered cold environment.

He stayed with his wife and 6 year old daughter. Vernon is retired from the military and works as an aircraft mechanic for a local aircraft maintenance company. He experienced stress, because of physical nature of his work and the amount of time he had to work.

In general, he was a happy, content person. He was reserved by nature, quiet and shy. He is very dependable, strong, and faithful person, very honest. He can be impatient and angry at times when things would not go his way and would express this emotions to people close to him. But overall, he is very calm person.

On the basis of above case details, Dr Shah’s research based homeopathy medicines were given. In July his liver reports were ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. There has been no flareup. The reports have been tabulated below for your reference. He was overwhelmed with this improvement in his health.

Date AST (0-37) ALT (0-53)
Before treatment (27/4/09) 200 151
After treatment (27/7/09) 12 8

Date Viral Load
Before treatment (Sept’05) 2,300,000 IU/ML
After treatment (Feb’09) 1,791,040 IU/ML

This case illustrates the fact that Homoeopathy has good scope in the treatment of diseases like Hepatitis C. The progress of the disease can be slowed down and it can be possible to avoid the need for interferon therapy.

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