An Autistic Girl’s Life Improved A Lot With Treatment At Life Force Homeopathy

An 11-years-old girl from Assam, Miss AB (patient identification number 12294) visited Life Force Homeopathy in June 2009 along with her parents for the treatment of Autism.

She presented with a marked deficit in social interaction and communication. As per the parents, till 5 years of age, she did not speak at all. And, after the age of 5, she started speaking words gradually. Her eye-to-eye contact with parents improved with age, but she lacked eye contact with strangers. Her parents mentioned that she used to laugh loudly without any cause. She refrained from speaking or asking anything on her own. She would never initiate the conversation on her own. She used to repeat certain behavior as well as certain words many times. She used to blink her eyes and flap her hands multiple times. Her behavior was not apt with the situation and with her age. She was very short-tempered, obstinate, and aggressive. She used to bite and pull hair if things went against her wish. When she visited the Life Force, she was in 3rd std (as per age she should have been in class 5). Since she had late speech and development, she was behind her age. She had poor verbal expression. She was not responsive to the verbal instructions, even though her hearing was normal. She took homeopathic treatment for autism by consulting a local homeopath which did not help her much. Her parents came with great hope, as they were much concerned about the future of their daughter. 

In her family history, her paternal grandparents were diabetic and her maternal grandfather had a heart attack.

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She liked to eat non-vegetarian food. She used to crave spicy as well as sweet food. Her appetite was excessive. She had achieved bowel bladder control at the proper age. 

Both her parents were working, so she was taken care of by maids at home. Her father and mother both were government servants. Her mother was an engineer in PWD, and her father was working as an officer in rural development. 

Dr. Shah interacted with the patient and her parents. He analyzed the case in detail and prescribed Baryta carb 200, Carcinocin 200, and Calcaria carb 200 along with his research-based medicines.

In between June 2009 to June 2010, the patient started responding to the medicines. Parents observed a good improvement in her. Her communication skills improved significantly. She started framing sentences with the assistance of her mother. She started communicating with the parents. She started responding to the commands. There was a slight improvement in involuntary laughs and weeping as well. Her mother reported that her repetitive behaviors were less during this time. Her irritability was less, except in certain situations.

From 2010 to 2013, the parents continued medicines for further improvement. In April 2013, the patient visited for a follow-up with her parents. Parents were happy with the improvement. Father mentioned that the patient’s communication has improved. She had started talking relevant to the situation. Also, she had started talking independently without any assistance from her parents. She was regularly going to the school, and she had started interacting with the teacher and other students. She had started scoring average marks in the exams. Mother was happy as her aggressive, obstinate, and repetitive behavior was less. She started thinking wisely before acting or behaving. She started behaving patiently. After going through the follow-up, Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines.

In April 2017, the parents reported around 75% improvement in her social behavior and communication. Her aggressive behavior had improved around by 75%. She had started thinking before acting and speaking anything. Her eye-to-eye contact while communicating with others has improved a lot. She is speaking nicely with others without any hesitance and without any assistance. Her behavior is no more childish as per her parents. Her repetitive behavior like hand flapping, screaming, and eye blinking has reduced to a significant extent. She stopped laughing or weeping without any cause. She could handle her emotions. She scores average marks in the exams. Parents are satisfied with the treatment. She is still continuing medicines at Life Force for her further recovery.  


This case highlights that homeopathic treatment when taken under the guidance of experts can be helpful in cases like autism. Research-based homeopathic medicines and strategic management changed life of an autistic girl from Assam.


  • Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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