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Autism Treatment in Homeopathy

Autism is a complex neurological disorder detected in children in their initial three years of life, which is the result of the impaired functioning of the brain, expressing itself in the form of the inability for social and communication skills, impaired intellectual faculty, and hence affecting the developmental of the child. The exact cause of autism is not yet fully understood.

An estimated 1.5 million American children and adults, over 1.7 million children in India, and about 0.2% of the world population are affected by this disorder, affecting all races almost equally.

Causes of Autism:

There are structural and functional changes in the brain in patients with autism. However, the exact cause of these changes is not fully understood.

Autism in children

Some of the triggering factors considered responsible for Autism are:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Exposure to environmental chemicals
  • Intake of some drugs, medicines during pregnancy
  • Metabolic imbalance
  • Vaccinations

Symptoms of autism:

Autism can present a wide spectrum of symptoms, varying in severity, mild, moderate to severe. The symptoms may present in different combinations. The major symptoms related to:

  • Marked deficits in communication and social interaction
  • Language impairment
  • Preoccupation with fantasy
  • Abnormal behavior, such as repetitive acts and excessive possessiveness to certain objects such as cars, dolls, keys
  • Intellectual impairment

The common end symptoms could be some or many of the following:

  • Annoying obstinacy in behavior
  • The poor verbal expression uses gestures to point out his needs
  • Repeating words or phrases
  • Laughing, crying without apparent cause
  • Prefers solitude
  • Throws Tantrums
  • Difficulty in social interaction with his age or elders
  • No eye contact while communication
  • Unresponsive teaching
  • Failure to perceive fears of danger leads to jumping from a high place, playing with pointed objects
  • Physical hyperactivity or under-activity
  • Underdeveloped fine motor skills
  • Not responsive to verbal instructions with normal hearing
  • Spinning objects
  • Inappropriate possessiveness of objects
  • Over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity to pain
  • Screaming and shouting out of proportion
  • Repeats the same words (echolalia)

It may be noted that autism affects the development of the intellectual faculties. Autistic children can express love and affection and also can respond to love.

Diagnosis of Autism:

There are no laboratory tests for autism. The diagnosis is arrived at by clinical evaluation and a detailed developmental case history of the child. The psychological evaluation may be carried out by a professional with expertise in handling such cases. There are several Autism screening tests to conclude the diagnosis.

Diet for Autism

The theory is that some people with autism cannot properly digest gluten and casein, which form substances that act like opiates in their bodies. This "drug" substance alters the person's behavior, perceptions, and responses to his environment, according to this theory. Research in the U.S. and Europe has found substances with opiate activity in the urine of many children with autism.Diet for Autism: Casein & Gluten free food for autism

Some parents, doctors, and researchers say that children have shown mild to dramatic improvements in speech and/or behavior after a gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet.

Gluten and gluten-like proteins are found in wheat and other grains, including oats, rye, barley, bulgar, durum, Kamut, and foods made from those grains. They are also found in food starches, semolina, couscous, malt, vinegar, soy sauce, flavorings, artificial colors, and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins.

Foods rich with caseinCasein is a protein found in milk and products containing milk, such as cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, whey, and even some brands of margarine. It also may be added to non-milk products such as soy cheese and hot dogs in the form of caseinate.

Foods that can be eaten on a gluten-free, casein-free diet include rice, quinoa, amaranth, potato, buckwheat flour, soy, corn, fruits, vegetables, beans, tapioca, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, teff, nuts, eggs, and sorghum, among others.

Homeopathic Treatment of Autism:

The homeopathic approach to handling chronic disorders being totalistic and aiming at treating the genetic tendencies with well strategic management offers effective treatment for autism and related disorders.

The homeopathic case evaluation of the child with autism incorporates the detailed study of the family history of serious diseases, which are known to form the genetic ground for autism. The case analysis also considers impaired functions in terms of behavior, social skills, communication, speech, tantrums, etc.

The commonly homeopathic medicines indicated for autism are about twenty in number. The exact medicine, its combination with other support medicines, its dose, and its repetition depend on the case history. The medicines are essentially safe and non-toxic.

In our study at our center, we have observed encouraging results in autistic children treated with homeopathy for over six months. The treatment may require being continued for over one year, depending on the severity of the presentation. Homeopathic medicines can be combined with other traditional measures.

Diet chart for Autism

Homeopathic treatment is strongly suggested for Autism

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