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Impressive Recovery From Atopic Dermatitis Of A Young Child With Homeopathy


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A 7-years-old young boy, Master. N.P. (PIN 17544) was brought to the clinic with the complaint of Atopic dermatitis from which he was suffering from the age of two years seven months. He visited for the first time at Life Force on 18th Nov 2011. He would develop severe dryness all over the body, mainly on the cheeks, arms, thigh, buttock, and scalp. He used to experience severe itching on the legs, and he would become very irritable due to the same. Redness of the skin was also observed. His complaint would get worse during the winter season and at night. He would feel better by the application of moisturizer on the affected parts.

There was a marked desire for sweets and fruits. He liked fruits & buttermilk a lot. His sweat was average. Usually, he was chilly patient.

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His peculiar mental traits were restlessness and inability to sit at one place. He used to mix with other children easily. He liked the company. His grasping power was very good. He was very intelligent, & his memory was very good. He used to become irritable at the time of itching.

In his family, his father had allergic rhinitis. His mother had hypothyroidism & Alopecia areata. His Grandfather (M) was diabetic, & his aunt (P) had hypothyroidism. The patient had taken Ayurvedic syrup in the past to improve his immunity.

Based on these features, he was prescribed Sulphur 30 only one dose & research-based medicine for the Atopic dermatitis.

After 2 months of the treatment at the time of follow-up, his itching was 80% controlled and dryness was 25% improved.

Later, after a few months on 19th June 2012, his condition was under control. 

As per his mother, his complaints mostly used to get aggravated in the winter. This winter his itching had increased slightly. After changing the medication, it was under control.

Within a year, his itching was controlled effectively & the relief from his dryness of skin was 30%-40% improved.

In February 2016, the patient visited again at the center for the dryness of skin. From 2011 to 2016, the patient had no other complaints except for the dryness of skin. This time Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based molecule.

Within 6 months, his dryness of skin improved by 50%-60%. The itching & redness on his body got cured completely.

He is still continuing the treatment for further recovery.


This case shows that Atopic dermatitis can be effectively controlled with homeopathic medicines without the use of external applications of any kind. Homeopathy cures the condition from within and restores the deviated immunity of the individual back to normalcy.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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