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Atopic Dermatitis Got Treated Successfully With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 21-years-old male patient, Mr. A.A (PIN 29762) presented his case over the phone on 13th Sept 2016 for his complaints of atopic dermatitis.

He was suffering from atopic dermatitis since 2010. And, it had increased since the last 4-5 months. There were erythematous eruptions on his face, forehead, fingers on bilateral hands, and scalp after scratching. He was suffering from an intense itching along with bleeding on scratching the eruptions. He suffered from the dryness with burning, thickened skin with sticky watery discharge, occasional bleeding, & pus formation. He had taken the conventional mode of treatment (cortisone) for the same that relieved his complaints, but again there was a relapse of his atopic dermatitis. Itching used to turn worse in the winter and at night and also after eating soybean & maida. He had stopped eating non-veg completely from the last 1 year due to the discomfort. He was also advised of some investigations.

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Besides atopic dermatitis, he suffered from the complaints of constipation & indigestion from the last 3-4 months. He suffered from heaviness in the left side of his abdomen, bloated abdomen, and unsatisfactory stools. The patient had also mentioned that his skin complaints used to get aggravated when he constipated.

In his family, his grandfather had asthma & diabetes mellitus. His grandmother had a skin disease, & his brother had urticaria. In the past, he had been operated for appendicitis when he was 15-years-old, & he had chicken pox when he was13 years of age.

His appetite was average. He liked spicy food, chicken, sour food, sweets, & egg. He had an aversion to vegetables. He had no complaints related to the urine. He had generalized profuse perspiration.

He was the student of third year B.Com. He was friendly in nature, but he had started avoiding the people as they used to start asking about his disease. He used to feel lonely & depressed. He had a strong anxiety about the disease & his health. He also suffered from a strong fear of water & heights.

His case was studied & analyzed in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah, and Dr. Shah's research-based medicines were prescribed to him for atopic dermatitis.

On 4th Oct 2016, the patient called to inform about the investigations which stated that the patient was having Vitamin D3 deficiency. So, the supplementation for the same was advised to him. As vitamin D plays a very important role in the treatment of skin complaints, it was necessary to treat the deficiency.

On 12th Oct 2016, the patient gave a feedback over the phone and mentioned that he was feeling better for 1 month, but his complaints had increased from the last 8- 9 days. Erythematous eruptions on his face, forehead, fingers on bilateral hands, and scalp had increased. New eruptions on legs, bilateral hands, & chest had developed from the last 4-5 days with severe itching & irritability. There was a sticky watery discharge from the eruptions. He was not able to concentrate on his work due to the itching. By considering his sensitivity towards the medicines, Dr. Shah advised him to take an aqueous dose of medicines & also increased the repetition of medicines. The doctor advised him to take Tab Atarax SOS for itching and apply Vaseline petroleum jelly for the dryness.

On 9th Nov 2016, the patient gave a feedback over the phone and told that he was feeling better with the medicines. Eruptions over his face, forehead, fingers on bilateral hands, and scalp were better than earlier with the medicines. The relief from itching, burning, & dryness was also better than earlier. The patient was still taking Tab Atarax SOS for itching.

On 9th December 2016, the patient gave a feedback over the phone mentioning that he was feeling better by 50 % with the medicines. New eruptions on bilateral arms and chest were better by 50%. Eruptions on bilateral elbow, forehead, and legs had vanished completely, only hyper-pigmented marks were left. Itching, burning, & dryness were present, but the intensity had reduced. The doctor advised him to take Tab Atarax SOS for itching and apply Vaseline petroleum jelly for the dryness.

On 29th January 2017, the patient reported over the phone and told that the eruptions had increased from the last 2 weeks. Eruptions on bilateral hands and fingers, bilateral shoulders, scalp, nose, and back had increased. Itching, burning, & dryness were also present.

On 31st January 2017, the patient gave a feedback over the phone and told that he was feeling symptomatically better. Eruptions were better but itching & dryness still troubled him a lot at times. Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based molecules along with the homeopathic medicines for 1.5 months.

On 4th March 2017, the patient reported over the phone saying that he was very happy to inform that he was feeling better by 70%. Erythematous eruptions on his face, forehead, fingers on bilateral hands, scalp, nose, and back were better by 70%. There was a marked improvement in the relief from itching & dryness. He was very happy with the treatment.

On 10th April 2017, the patient was feeling better by 80% with a marked improvement in eruptions, itching, & the dryness of skin. No new eruptions had developed for almost 3-4 months. The patient had stopped taking Tab Atarax completely.

On 20th May 2017, the patient was feeling better by almost 90% as far as the eruptions, itching, & the dryness of skin were concerned. No new eruptions had developed. Old eruptions were better, and only hyperpigmented marks were left. He was very happy with the treatment.

This was a good response to the homeopathic medicines of Atopic Dermatitis patient.


The prognosis of atopic dermatitis depends on several factors, such as the age of the patient, extent of the eruptions, the location of the eruptions, the past treatment, and other factors. Spots which are bilaterally symmetrical affecting the fingertips, area around the nails, genitals and bony areas are difficult to treat. The scope of homeopathic medicines in such cases is to control the disease from spreading further. But, the above case is one of the uncommon cases of atopic dermatitis where a remarkable improvement occurred by using homeopathy.

The case suggests a few important points:
1. Efficacy of homeopathy in a difficult pathology.
2. Such a variety of atopic dermatitis is never self-limiting; it progresses if not treated.
3. Chronic auto-immune diseases take time to respond and call for a long-term treatment.
4. There is a scope of research and development in the field of homeopathy to know what exactly is curable or treatable in a disease. 

- Written by Dr. Dhanashree, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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