Multiple Complaints & Psoriasis Of A Lady Got Treated Effectively At Life Force

A 51-years-old lady, Mrs. S.L. (Pin no- 28121) visited our Pune Life Force center on 1st March 2016 with the complaint of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

The patient was suffering from psoriasis since ten years. In 2005, her first psoriatic eruption appeared on her sole only. Her disease was progressing slowly, so new spots appeared on her dorsal aspect of left hand & left foot. In these eruptions, extensive dryness and severe itching were observed. Along with itching, dry flakes also appeared from the eruptions. Scratching of the eruptions sometimes resulted in blood oozing from them. She had taken conventional medicine. She had also taken homeopathic treatment from Dr Batra’s for psoriasis but was not satisfied with the results.

Besides psoriasis, she was also suffering from psoriatic arthritis for 3 years. Her knee joint, ankle joints, toes & hand joints were all affected by the disease. She has undergone all required tests for the same. She had taken conventional treatment for psoriatic arthritis. She was also suffering from sciatica and hypertension.

She was vegetarian by diet, and she used to eat eggs occasionally. There was no specific liking, but she didn’t like spicy food. Her thirst was less. Her stool was hard and unsatisfactory. In her urine, dribbling was present. Her menses was irregular. Her cycle was of 21 days. Her sleep was disturbed. She was obese and stout by physique.

She was a housewife. Her husband was an Army Officer. She had one son and one daughter. Both were studying.

In her family, her father was suffering from hypertension, IHD, and hypothyroidism. Her mother was suffering from asthma, hypertension, and diabetes. Her sister was suffering from vitiligo and hypothyroidism. She had a past history of cystitis.

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On mental level, she was very emotional. Her mother had died one year back. After that, she was very disturbed and sad. She wanted some emotional support. She was always worried about the future of her daughter.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah had prescribed her research based molecule.

On 19th April 2016, she gave her first follow-up. There was no change in her eruptions, however, her itching & dryness had reduced. Her psoriatic arthritis and sciatica both complaints showed a good improvement.

On 20th June 2016, when she visited Life Force center for her next follow-up, all her symptoms of psoriasis had improved drastically. She had one new complaint of hair fall. She started the treatment for the same from Life Force center. Her joint complaint had aggravated hence some changes were done by Dr Shah in her treatment.

On 24th August 2016, when she visited again at the center, her relief from all her complaints had improved by more than 70 %. She was very happy with the treatment.

On her follow-up on 10th November, she had recovered from psoriasis totally but her psoriatic arthritis and hair fall complaints had aggravated. So, Dr Shah again studied her condition and made the necessary changes in her treatment.

On 25th February 2017, the patient visited for a follow-up. She reported a few small new psoriatic eruptions on her fingertips since one month. Due to the winter, some dryness and itching was also observed. Her relief from other complaints, such as psoriatic arthritis and hair fall, had improved significantly as compared to her previous follow-up. Dr Shah advised tests for thyroid profile, vitamin B12, and vitamin D3.

In the reports, her Vitamin D3 was low so she was prescribed supplement for the same.

On her 18th May 2017, during the follow-up, she reported very good improvement in her all complaints. Her relief from psoriasis had improved a lot. Her new eruption had also improved. Her sciatica complaint showed more than 70% improvement, and her relief from psoriatic arthritis complaint had improved by more than 50 %.

Patient is continuing the medicine for further improvement.


This case shows that in case of multiple complaints, proper case taking and the right selection of homeopathic medicine by an expert can provide a great relief to the patients and significantly improve the immunity of their body.


  • Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.
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